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Mary M.
I was nervous about the price because the estimate was for 9 hours. We had packed everything in advance and had moved a lot of boxes and hard to pack things ourselves. John, Jonathon, and Seth are amazing in Seattle Washington, they did the whole move in under 4 hours! They padded and shrink wrapped all the furniture, they were careful of the hardwood, using a floor protector and letting us put felt pads on the pieces as they came in. These are some energetic and and enthusiastic guys. They really worked to keep the time down. It was a very smooth move.

Judith G.
It was a pleasure using All Service Moving. They called to confirm my appointment and asked if they could arrive early. Naturally, I said yes. They worked hard, were very careful with all of my stuff. Packed everything into the locker (they are excellent organizers of space). Thanked me and went on their way. I’ll definitely use them when I move into my new home.

Orinda R.
The two guys that came to do the job did an excellent job of wrapping furniture to protect the various pieces as well as the walls. They handled all the steps with ease. At the new house, which was built in 1915, they did an amazing job of getting a Tempurpedic king bed up an old narrow stairway that turns without destroying the bed or the walls. And they did it without a single grumble!
These guys are really strong and pride themselves in doing a good job!

Mary W.
All Service Moving arrived early which was great! The two movers moved all the large pieces of furniture from a 3-story townhouse to a 2-story home w/basement. This is the second time we have used All Service Moving. We would recommend them with full confidence that your move will go very well. As moving goes, it’s a “plus” experience.

Holly J.
All I can say is simply AMAZING!!! We were thrilled with the service provided each step of the way. The estimator was very friendly and punctual for the appointment, he took the time to answer any questions we had. Our move was not a simple one, we were moving from a large home with a separate art studio and workshop to a home with 2,000 less square footage. We were concerned that all of our belongings could be moved in one day so our estimator set up a back up plan for additional resources within our timeline if needed. Our move ended up taking both days with a total of 3 trucks and 7 movers. On the day of the big move as luck would have it, a terrible storm was roaring outside with high winds and rain. This did not hinder our team of movers, they rolled out a red runner to help protect the floors and efficiently wrapped each piece of furniture for additional protection. I can’t say enough about our movers themselves….we started the day with each young man introducing himself and shaking our hand. They asked us to provide them with a tour of the house so we could show them exactly what we wanted to have moved and discuss any concerns we may have. These young men were not only polite and extremely friendly but worked with great efficiency in packing our furniture, loading and unloading the trucks. At the end of the day, we were all tired but the demeanor and friendliness of our moving team did not diminish. They even put our bed together to ensure we would have a place to rest our first night in our new home. Everything arrived safely….absolutely NOTHING was damaged!! I am near retirement age and have moved numerous times in my life and have used professional movers in the past. This team far surpassed my expectations and made what could have been a stressful situation into an excellent experience. I would HIGHLY recommend this team. They are very reasonably priced, service is amazing and care in handling was exceptional!!

Judith W.
Excellent service. I needed a mover in a hurry to assist with moving items from a small house in the east bay (San Francisco) to the Seattle area as my father had passed away suddenly and we needed to be out of the rental house that he had been residing in. Jeff and the office staff were immediately able to schedule the move for a very reasonable price. The mover, Chris, was great–punctual, professional, and very helpful at both ends of the move. Overall, I was very impressed by the level of service and professionalism and everyone I dealt with was very nice and friendly which I really appreciated as it was a difficult time for me. I highly recommend this company.

Kristin P.
Called, got an estimate and scheduled the move – gentlemen on the phone was informative and helpful. Met the movers at the storage unit – they were on time and quickly loaded the items, using appropriate items to protect the furniture. Arrived at my home, unloaded and placed the items exactly where I asked. They were quick, efficient, careful of doorways etc. Professional and easy to work with – excellent job! The cost was very reasonable and thoroughly explained – both when I scheduled the move and when the mover went through the paperwork with me. They made a challenging task easy and efficient.

Ryan B.
Amazing!! Team was on time, surveyed the amount of boxes, took and put together 2 beds. Responded to requests and provided great information to make decisions.

Eve L.
You will never find a better moving company! There folks are courteous, skilled, friendly, hard working PLUS their rates are very reasonable! I had them pack, move everything and then unpack for me and they did everything quickly and skillfully. Nothing was chipped, cracked, broken or even scratched. They took great care of antiques and were wonderfully helpful to me as well. I cannot give them a higher recommendation than this: I have hired them for my upcoming move and I know it will be easy and worry free! This company ROCKS!!!!

Eric A. -
Description Of Work: Full Service Moving Portland. I packed 90% of my goods. Two men packed the rest of my two-story house, loaded a truck and took it to storage. My goods were in storage for several weeks. They then moved my goods into my 4th floor condo. I had very little furniture, mostly boxes..
Member Comments: I liked these guys a lot. Very responsive. Showed up on time. Worked solidly both packing and unpacking. Moved me into a condo using a non-frieght elevator with my unit at the end of a long hall and I could hear one of the guys running back and forth to the elevator. They hustled. They stored my goods for a few weeks while I was delayed in transition and in the end squeezed me in at the end of the day to deliver my goods as soon as possible. They were very good with phone calls, answering and updating me.I have never paid for a moving company’s services before so have very little to go on for price, but I can vouch enthusiastically for the service. It was a small move (by their reckoning) filling a 10′ X 10′ storage space so I wonder if I could have saved any money by shopping around more. Still, you do get what you pay for in the end.

Amy H. -
Description Of Work:Loading Service Portland. Packing of household goods, large mirrors and art work, including the dismantling of large furniture items. Loading of all items into moving truck in such a way that items would not shift during the 1,400 mile transportation from Portland to Phoenix.
Member Comments: Julio and Robby called from the road to let me know that traffic was a bit heavier than anticipated and that they might be a few minutes late but actually they were right on time. They introduced themselves, asked for a tour of each room to see what was to be packed and loaded and then got right to work. They were personable, professional and worked non-stop until the job was completed and everything that could be loaded into the moving truck was securely loaded. They disassembled bedframes and dining tables, etc. making sure the hardware required for each was securely attached to the furniture for reassembly at our destination. These two men were wonderful to work with so I asked their manager to send them to load my daughter’s property when she was ready to move several weeks later.

Antonio F. -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Gresham. Packed my entire home and moved me into my new home.
Member Comments: All Service Moving was awesome! They were a few minutes early and got right to work. They were extremely professional and conscientious. They packed and moved my entire home with care and efficiency: my cupboards, closets, knick knacks, artwork and furniture, without a scratch or break. I would use this company again without hesitation.

James O. -
Description Of Work:Loading Service Salem. The movers had to drive to/from Salem on the first day to move us out of a house. The second day was up and down an elevator at an inner city condo.
Member Comments: I picked this company partly because it is located near our new home. The movers had to drive over an hour each way on the first day. The second day was up and down an elevator and along a long hallway, so I wanted nearby storage, which this company offered. Two very pleasant men showed up on time each day. They were methodical, efficient and hard-working. On Day 1, they were so adept at hauling stuff to the truck in an order that maximized space within the truck, that they worried about being overweight at the Interstate weigh station (no problem, fortunately). Our 2400 square foot house was empty in 4.5 hours. The truck barely had storage room to spare. We moved into our 2000 square foot condo in Portland the next day. The move-in took about 6.5 hours. The men staged things for the elevator without annoying our new neighbors. In fact, I heard compliments from our neighbors about the movers. We have a lot of heavy solid wood furniture, the men worked steadily for a lot of hours, and our condo has some pretty tight doorways and hallways. We were impressed with the care the men took. We thought the price we paid was reasonable. I would definitely recommend this company, and I would use their services again. (But I hope I won’t be moving again.)

Janet H. -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Portland. Moved us locally from old house to new one. Four bedrooms worth of stuff plus basement and garage full of tools and supplies.
Member Comments: Excellent, Noah and Julis arrived promptly and with great attitudes. They worked very hard all day and kept up the cheery helpful attitudes. They did a great job. I would recommend them highly. The optional rent a truck was great and saved us a bunch of money.

Rod C. -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Portland. Move bedroom furniture from Portland to Newberg.
Member Comments: Excellent service on all counts. We would certainly use this company again for any future moves.

Tim B. -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Beaverton. Two guys came to our home on time and prepared to work. They wrapped and loaded all of our stuff onto 2 moving trucks in 3.5 hours. These guys were tireless and did an outstanding job. If you are going to be moving from Portland, call this company. All of our stuff was loaded safely and we did not have any issues when we opened the trucks. It was a very reasonable price and they were far more effective than 6 amateur movers could ever have been.
Member Comments: They did a great job. The moving company we used to unload our trucks in Seattle was most impressed with the quality of their work.

Eric D. -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Estacada. We were having new hardwood flooring installed. They moved our things into our storage pod. Came back two more times and moved our appliances in and out. They moved our things back into our home when the job was done. They were wonderful with scheduling. They were on time and professional. They reconnected appliances and our TV system! They were careful with furniture and boxes, nothing was damaged or broken. We live in a multi story condo and they were very careful.
Member Comments:We highly recommend this company. Love them!!!! Your will not be sorry to hire them. We used this service four times in a week. They were wonderful with scheduling our various moving needs. They were on time and professional. They reconnected appliances and our TV system! They were careful with furniture and boxes, nothing was damaged or broken. We live in a multi story condo and they were very careful.

Nancy R. -
Description Of Work: Full Service Moving Portland. The movers organized my garage and storage room in a very logical and easy-access way. The team really knew how to set up both areas for long term ease of use. No assistance needed. They moved boxes and heavy items from all over my four story house into these two rooms for storage. They rearranged a lot of heavy furniture for me. Both men were very friendly and professional. No time was wasted – they were “go getters”.

Johnny R. -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Tigard. On several occasions they moved furniture, helped to pack boxes, and organize stuff.
Member Comments: If you want to find competent movers, look no further – call All Service Moving. These guys will take care of your stuff, you, and your feelings. This crew is competent, caring, and most importantly good listeners. I have used All Service Moving for multiple jobs where it was important to have workers who would pay attention to my detailed instructions and have a positive attitude while doing it. I am grateful to have found a company I can call to help move my precious stuff and still be nice while doing it. I’ve worked with another professional moving company and I was disappointed in their service. One of the workers would have silent temper tantrums and the other one hinted three times about getting tipped. This is what our world has come to – lazy workers with bad attitudes. But this is not the case with All Service Moving; they are hard-working and friendly. Jeff, the owner, has carefully trained his workers and you will be impressed. Give them a call and have them help you take care of your stuff and your life!!!

Kristin -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Hillsboro. Loaded and moved contents of 2400 sq ft home in Hillsboro to new residence in Neskowin – 2 hrs away. Total of 4 crew. Move took 12 hours from time of arrival in Hillsboro to time of departure in Neskowin. Dismantled and reassembled pool table and 2 queen-sized beds, washer and dryer, and granite yard feature (which weighs a lot!).
Member Comments: Was the BEST moving experience I’ve ever had! Jeff answered his phone when I called for an estimate, he was professional and courteous and did a good job of asking the right questions to scope the moving job properly. We had a lot of stuff, both in the house and in the yard, it ended up filling up the truck they brought, plus the pickup one of the crew brought (Joe) and a moving truck we had for the day. We were moving from Hillsboro to a place 2 hours away on the coast. Jeff explained how the move would be organized and the costs involved in travel and packing time. He recommended we start with a crew of 4 to load the truck and then unload it with 3 to save some money. Once we saw how much we had, we decided to keep all 4 guys and I’m really glad we did because it was a lot of work to unpack all of that stuff and haul it up and down stairs. There are 3.5 levels in the new house. All of the guys were very polite, clean cut, and strong enough to do the job. They really hustled but used care packing and moving our items. We had NO damage – a first for any of my moves. Jeff disassembled the pool table and put it back together at the new house. We were really grateful for that since we’ve always had to hire separate people for that. They showed up on time, worked really hard, made it out to the new location with no problem and unpacked 2.5 trucks with not even a cross word. It was actually pretty amazing. The crew gets along with each other really well, there was no drama at all, they were so great, it really made the whole day a lot easier. The final costs came out a little higher than the initial estimate, but that was our decision to keep the 4th crew member, and we had a lot of stuff. If even one of my prior moving experiences had been anywhere near as pleasant as this one was, I wouldn’t hate moving so much. I’ve moved cross country, used the large national moving companies, and made a few mistakes with smaller ones, but I will never use anyone else again. These guys rock!

Sarah S. -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Lake Oswego. We hired All Service to pack and move our household belongings from Oregon to California. They spent two days packing our belongings, including a pool table and a piano and one day loading everything. They drove the next day and delivered everything the following day. They picked up two items from a friend’s house for us and moved a number of pieces of Techline furniture into the garage for us. They even loaded a big pile of items for the Goodwill into my car.
Member Comments:We were on a fairly tight time frame because a) we wanted to move the week and b) we had wasted several weeks dealing with bids from large van lines. Jeff, the owner, was responsive and prompt with his bid. Unlike traditional movers, All Service works weekends and holidays for no additional charge. We were able to schedule the packing for Friday and Saturday, the loading on Sunday and have our stuff delivered on Tuesday, all for $4,000 less than what the van lines wanted to charge. Each day, the crew arrived on time (or called if they were running a few minutes late), and they stayed as long as was necessary to finish that day’s work. They were polite, hardworking and helpful. There were no surprises on the charges — everything was itemized upfront and broken down clearly. We’ve now unpacked (or at least been through at least 90% of the boxes), and I have yet to find anything broken. Fragile items are well wrapped and packed appropriately. Jeff and every one of his guys were a pleasure to work with, and I recommend them highly without reservation.

John R. -
Description Of Work:Full Service Moving Portland. We had a washer and dryer that we needed to move from one location to another. The delivery location had stairs down into a basement through a narrow doorway. The ALL SERVICE MOVING guys handled the whole thing with ease.
Member Comments:The two moving employees from ALL SERVICE MOVING, Julio and his partner, showed up exactly at the appointed time. They had a huge truck and they immediately set about to load the washer and dryer onto it. I met them at the delivery location and they removed the older washer and dryer (which they hauled away at no extra charge). Then they carried the newer washer and dryer, using a strap system between them, down the steps into the basement. They put the machines exactly where we wanted them located. We were very happy with the entire experience.

Lexy L. (Full Service Moving Hillsboro):
Description Of Work: Two movers and a truck arrived on time to move my Mothers furniture and boxes from her two bedroom home to a storage unit. They were professional and efficient. I could not ask for a better moving experience. I will definitely use this company in the future.
Member Comments: I have moved several times and I have used moving companies before and this move was the easiest and most efficient I have had, the guys were fantastic. Very hard working and careful.

Mark S. (Full Service Moving Vancouver):
Description Of Work: We were having a bedroom set on the second floor moved to a friends house – so they hired these movers.
Member Comments: Three young guys showed up on time and looked at what needed to be moved and let me know how long it would take. Then they had me sign off on what was being moved, and gave me a flyer about Oregon law about moving services. They securely wrapped the bedroom set and expertly navigated the stairs – with a 90-degree turn – without problem. They did not even touch the walls! They finished within the estimated time. Overall, they did a great job and showed great customer service. I would hire All service Moving the next time I needed movers!

Martin L. (Full Service Moving Portland):
Description Of Work: Moved all the furniture in a 1,500 square foot home to another house.
Member Comments: Our two crew members were excellent: professional, efficient and relaxed. Took about six hours to dismantle some furniture,pad/shrink wrap and load truck, and unload furniture and place at new house. Nothing was scratched or damaged.

Dan W. (Full Service Moving Lake Oswego):
Description Of Work: Took furniture and heavy boxes from one house, put them in a truck, drove them to the new house and put the furniture and boxes in the new place.
Member Comments: They showed up early on the day of the move. Our house was a bit of a mess, which delayed the move slightly, but they still ended up in the 3-4 hour estimate for the work. Things were well protected and they tried not to disassemble furniture unless necessary (our king size bed needed to be disassembled, but they reassembled it at the new address). I was nervous that hiring hourly might result in lollygagging workmen, but the two movers kept up a relentless pace.

Morissa F. (Full Service Moving Portland):
Description Of Work: My daughter utilized All Service Moving to move all contents from her 2-bedroom West Hills apartment, up a flight of steep stairs to the truck. Destination was across river to a two bedroom basement apartment in the SE Hawthorne area.
Member Comments:I am pleased to review “All Service Movers” from Portland, OR. My daughter called a number of moving companies to arrange a move from the West Hills area to the SE Hawthorne area. Her work schedule left little free time to plan too far ahead, and after attempting to contact several moving companies, All Service Movers was the only company who responded to her call on a weekend, and she was thrilled to arrange a move date with them two days later. David and Rico arrived on time with a large truck along with all necessary moving equipment and moved the entire contents of her two bedroom apartment (which included a full-size washer and dryer) up a long, steep flight of stairs. They never batted an eye about all the stairs!! The destination was, unfortunately for David and Rico, a basement apartment of a lovely old home in the Hawthorne area. They had to maneuver all the boxes and furniture down another flight of stairs into the basement. There was a tense moment when the queen box spring looked like it just would not make the last turn, but David and Rico skillfully and successfully coaxed it in. They were professional, pleasant, courteous and prompt in carrying out their work. All of my daughter’s possessions were delivered intact without any damage. Moving is never fun, but they made an unpleasant situation more than tolerable. I am pleased to recommend them to all without hesitation!!

Stanley G. (Full Service Moving Portland):
Description Of Work: Spoke with Jeff for the time estimate. He was helpful and accommodated our time frame which was less than a week. We needed to moving heavy furniture inside the home and then move additional heavy furniture to our office. The two person team also provided some set up help at the office.
Member Comments: Matt and Andrew came a little early, were courteous and hard working. They accommodated small changes we made once they were on site. Very professional and helpful. Exactly what we needed as we had health issues that precluded us from carrying anything. Also, we used the $30 coupon which helped lower the cost.

Sandy R. (Full Service Moving Portland):
Description Of Work: They wrapped and moved all the furniture from our 3000 sq ft house into our new house
Member Comments: They were awesome! Called when they were on their way, showed up on time, were very pleasant and upbeat, got right to work and loaded all of our very heavy furniture into the Uhaul. I really appreciated how careful they were to wrap and use furniture pads. We didn’t get one scratch on anything. They also hustled the whole time, you definitely feel like you are getting your money’s worth. I was so impressed by their level of service and how efficiently they were able to move our entire house (5 hours) that I have already hired them for another job. In the past we moved 5 times and never hired a moving company. I will never again move without hiring them.

Mel Q. (Full Service Moving Lake Oswego):
Description Of Work: I used All Service Moving to move furniture, goods, and books from the bottom floor of my house into a storage pod to allow complete refinishing of the floors. The move involved a family room with couch, chairs, bookcases, and cabinets, a storage room with books and art supplies, an office with desk, six full book cases, and electronic equipment, a spare bedroom with bed and bookcases, and a laundry/utility room with washer, dryer, maintenance supplies and tool cabinets. Five weeks after the move out, we called them back to empty the pod back into the house.
Member Comments:Movers came early after calling. The price was exactly as agreed. The crew worked quickly and efficiently. We were very happy with their work, and called them back to unpack the pod back into the house. As with the first job, the crew was slightly ahead of schedule, was cheerful and professional, and finished in almost exactly the 2 hours we had expected. We are extremely pleased with All Service Moving, and will definitely use them again when we need moving work done.

Susan W. (Load/Unload Help in Vancouver, WA):
Hi Jeffrey. I just wanted to let you know how great the move was; your guys on each end of the move were exceptional, and it was such a relief to turn it all over to your capable hands. I just got hooked back up to internet this morning so wasn’t able to email earlier. Thank you so much for everything your folks did. They were OUTSTANDING!

Judy L. (Load/Unload Help in Lake Oswego, OR):
Just want to praise the two guys who handled my move. Although they were late, they kept me informed of their progress, and were apologetic throughout. In addition, they were polite, clean cut, and left a great impression of the company. They also took good care to wrap my bike and bookcase especially given the rain. I will definitely use you guys again and recommend to others!
ALL SERVICE MOVING: I apologize for being late, but I’m glad the crew took good care of you!

Lisa M. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
It was worth hiring professional movers. Casey and Nick did a good job arranging things in my new home and protecting my furniture.

Mike R. (Load Help in Albany, OR):
Your guys did a great job…would gladly recommend them again!

Kenneth J. (Hot Tub Help in Rainier, OR):
Just wanted to say thanks for the move. I almost did it myself with the help of friends. But your price was extremely fair and your quality was simply outstanding. You guys are pros and I see why. Thanks again and if and when I get the opportunity, you will get my business as well as everyone else I know.
ALL SERVICE MOVING: We enjoy a challenge!

Mary H. (Load/Unload Help in Milwaukie, OR):
Matt and Dan were exactly on time, polite, diligent workers, and professional. I had mostly junk but they treated each piece of furniture as if it were a museum piece. Everything from the initial e-mail reply to waving the movers goodbye was smooth and easy. THANK YOU!!
ALL SERVICE MOVING: Always good to hear.

Andrew R. (Load/Unload Help in Beaverton, OR):
The guys were on time, motivated and did a good. It would have been very difficult to do without them. For that I give them thanks and would recommend them to anyone.

Rick B. (Load Help in Portland, OR):
These two were amazing. They made what could have been a very difficult move a lot easier! Thank you!
ALL SERVICE MOVING: We try to impress!

Ann C. (Load/Unload Help in McMinnville, OR):
We were so impressed by the professionalism exhibited by Matt and Rico during our move. They arrived on time and were very careful with all our furniture. They were courteous and friendly and even moved the piano to a different location in the house after it did not fit in one room. I was a little anxious before they arrived since I went solely on reviews, but I was so pleased with the job. I would recommend this company to anyone who is moving, and we just moved next door!
ALL SERVICE MOVING: Always glad to have customers like you.

Breanna K. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
My initial e-mail to set up a move date was answered very quickly (within an hour or so) and the process of setting up the move was made very easy. For the day of the move Alex and Dan called to let us know they were running 15 minutes late, they were professional and hard-working. Despite our slight disorganization they worked quickly and did a great job.
ALL SERVICE MOVING: Thank you for leaving feedback!

Linda S. (Load Help in Portland, OR):
We had bunches of problems before the crew arrived. Once they got here, they took over everything. I had to sit down. The made my disaster into a well organized piece of art. Our pods will be waiting for you. Stellar service!
ALL SERVICE MOVING : We’re awaiting your next call.

Roman H. (Load/Unload Help in Seaside, OR):
All Service definitely fits these guys.Could not have had better help.Highly recommend if you are looking for quality hard working guys to take care of your belongings. Thanks a million for your help
ALL SERVICE MOVING: We’re glad you were happy.

John K. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
They brought their Big Nice truck, Excellent service, awesome crew. great job. I would use them again! We will recommend to our friends who are moving soon.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:We will impress them!

Barbara J. (Load Help in Portland, OR):
Two polite, respectful (of the items they were moving, and me) guys who made the whole “loading the truck” evolution a simple, well-executed task. I wish I had them with me to unpack the truck!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Thank you for the feedback!

Xiu T. (Load/Unload Help in Tualatin, OR):
guys move very heavy pool table. I didn’t think it would ever get moved. Definelty will use again
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We like pool tables.

Sean L. (Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Great service! They were very helpful about coming out sooner than planned. The movers were friendly and definite pros. Would recommend to anyone.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Good to know.

Mick D. (Unload Help in Woodburn, OR):
They showed up with very short notice and began work immediately. They not only emptied the truck quickly, but we’ re willing to help with furniture placement and setup.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We’re here to please

Tammy A. (Load/Unload Help in Hillsboro, OR):
They showed up almost an hour late, but called in advance and were very professional and worked very quickly. They still finished on time. Nothing was damaged or scratched or anything. Thanks!!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: It was a very busy day and the crews first move went over. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Jesse J. (Load/Unload Help in Tigard, OR):
All I can say is “CALL THEM”. Worth every cent.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Sweet review!

Lanni S. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
The movers did an excellent job. I needed to make a couple of stops and they were able to do this with no problem. They packed the truck so efficiently. I recommended to others and saved # to use again!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We really appreciate that Lanni!

Rod M. (Load/Unload Help in Vancouver, WA):
I cannot begin to say how wonderful Matt and his partner were in today’s move. It was hot; we had a lot of heavy items; and, the truck was loaded to the top with not an inch to spare. They were great
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:That’s why we’re BBB “A” rated and on Angies List.

Sanako L. (Unload Help in Tigard, OR):
Needed help at the last minute. All Service Moving is truly the best out there, second to none! Quick, professional and most of all happy. Thanx guys, really appreciate companies like yours!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We hope you enjoy your new home!

Tony M. (Load/Unload Help in Hillsboro, OR):
This team was one of the best we have dealt with in our moves,very courteous and kind. Also listened to all our needs before proceeding with the load. I will highly recommend this team to anyone !
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Thank you Tony

Larry D. (Load Help in Portland, OR):
Alex and Dan were AWESOME. They were more than helpful and carried the whole load. If I need something moved again I will be sure to call and request them both. Thanks again for making it easy.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We’ll be waiting.

Randy S. (Load/Unload Help in Troutdale, OR):
I highly recommend these folks. Service was excellent, showed up on time, very efficient loaders and unloaders, fast but careful very conciensious, friendly and helpful. Communication was not an issue
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Thank you Randy

Sandy D. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
The movers did an outstanding job for us. They worked hard and steady, and really knew what they were doing. No wasted time, nothing dropped, scratched or damaged. Very professional crew.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Sounds like we’re doing our job.

Jim B. (Load Help in Wilsonville, OR):
It was a bit upsetting that they gave us a 1 hour time range for arrival and didn’t show up till the very last minute of that, but they did do a fantastic job loading our Uhaul and weren’t technically late.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Use us again and we will work hard to get a 5! I am glad the actual loading went well for you.

Steven J. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
The crew arrived on time, disassembled our grand piano, put it on there truck, delivered and set back up right where we asked. Very smooth movers.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We do love moving pianos.

Kristin N. (Load Help in Beaverton, OR):
Extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. They got two full trucks packed into one 10 x 20 unit!!! We held our breath to the end!!! Great job! We would recommend them to everyone.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Glad we could impress!

Steve R. (Load Help in Portland, OR):
My truck was too small which required 3 trips; the guys were awesome and took care of business. They were most gracious and kind despite my error.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We’re here for whatever you need done!

Susan T. (Load Help in Seaside, OR):
They arrived on time and had the truck unloaded quickly and safely in no time. I was amazed at how easily they handled the big, heavy items. They were a good team.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Looking forward to next time.

Rod L. (Load Help in Wilsonville, OR):
Unbeatable service!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: ;D Thanks

Roxanne G. (Unload Help in Camas, WA):
Matt and Robert were both exceptional – I so appreciate their work today! Thanks for excellent and “on time” service.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Thank you for your feedback Roxanne!

Glenn L. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Better service than the van lines, but 4 star because I had to rent my own truck. Get trucks you guys!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thanks Glenn. We’ll consider your advice.

David C. (Unload Help in Hillsboro, OR):
THESE GUYS ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. PERIOD. They were on-time, courteous, professional and tolerant of my wanting to “butt in” and make suggestions. They even offered ME water during the unloading of MY truck! I contacted them thru their site VERY LAST MINUTE and had a response quickly! I sit here trying to think of a negative-sorry, can’t do it. Awesome job guys.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thanks for your feedback.

Christopher S. (Load/Unload Help in Oregon City, OR):
Sorry guys for the wait! But Both Guys worked there asses off! I highly recommend these guys. You wont be disappointed! Thanks again!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Awesome!

Robert V. (Load/Unload Help in Corvallis, OR):
I wanted to thank you for providing excellent help for my move. The guys were wonderful. They took such good care of my belongings and did an awesome job of packing the truck. They didn’t break or scratch a single item. My move took a couple of hours longer than I had planned (which was no fault of the movers). The guys were so nice and offered to stay as long as I needed them to so I could complete my move.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:I’m very happy we could be there for you.

Bill S. (Load/Unload Help in Wilsonville, OR):
Dependable, Trustworthy and boy they Hustle!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Thanks Bill!

Will T. (Load Help in Astoria, OR):
Our unloaders on the other end were very impressed how well these guys packed the truck. Impressive movers, but they came 20 minutes late.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We do apologize for our tardiness. Astoria is very far, but we will make sure it doesn’t happen again ;)

Kay K. (Load/Unload Help in West Linn, OR):
Thank you so much for making our move so much easier! When I move again, I will be calling on you. I have hired movers from Craigslist in the past but your company is by far the best. Absolutely awesome!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Great move, but I also want to add thanks for the invite to come bassing at your new house! Take care.

Qishan S. (Freight Forward, Singapore):
I really really appreciate your help.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Thank you for your patronage.

Mark L. (Load/Unload Help in Vancouver, WA):
Great job!!! I appreciate it!!!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:
Always a pleasure! Take care Mark.

Mark P. (Load/Unload Help in North Plains, OR):
6 STAR service! They were a little more $, but man was it worth it. They wrapped everything before it was even moved. This is a high end company for a more than reasonable price!!!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:
That’s our goal. Have a great new years!

Alex G. (Load/Unload Help in Tigard, OR):
saved my life my when the other movers cancelled. came last minute in the snow on xmas eve.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:
Glad we could help.

Jazmin B. (Load/Unload Help in Beaverton, OR):
Don’t provide trucks? I had to rent one! To be fair they were very professional, efficient, super careful and did a much much better job protecting my stuff than the last movers I used. I didnt want to rent a truck though.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Sorry for the misunderstanding. We try our best.

Tom H. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Chose because of the reviews on the bbb website and they sure lived up to their reputation.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Thanks

Mary M. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Jeffrey, The Matts, 1 and 2, were great. Polite, hard-working, and fast. Please send along my thanks. I’ve not unpacked yet, but I’m sure everything arrived shipshape. Thanks once more — I’ll be recommending your company to others.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:We appreciate the feedback. Thanks

Randy R. (Load/Unload Help in Gladstone, OR):
I had your guys come move a vanity for me Thursday. Just to let you know the professionalism was amazing. If I need or know anyone looking for movers, you’re getting my top recommendation!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:I admit that was a tough! I don’t think your tiny stair case was meant for a 500lbs piece. Good fun;)

Lori M. (Load/Unload Help in Beaverton, OR):
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thanks’. They’re in the mail.

Brad T. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
I found these guys on craigslist and had a much better experience than the last people I hired. Matt and Matt I think. Highly recommended *****.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:That’s our goal.

Erica D. (Load/Unload Help in Tigard, OR):
I didn’t know I needed to get the truck when I first booked so I have to take off one star. Besides that my movers were machines.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:”machines” .. That sounds like our guys ;)

Drew J. (Load/Unload Help in Salem, OR):
Got me in last minute so thanks
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We do what we can Drew. Next time you move give us a call.

Casey E. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Wowee Matt and Jeff padded everything and knew more about my stuff than I do. My last movers broke some of my stuff. I see why they cost a little more, but it was worth it.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank you very much. We look forward to your next move.

Kaylynn G. (Load/Unload Help in Oregon City, OR):
THE MOST professional SKILLED movers I’ve ever used! Gold STAR
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank you

Emily B. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
The movers were polite and professional. They were prompt, paid careful attention to fragile items, and finished the job
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: I’m very happy you took the time to tell us. These are some of the most important things we teach our movers. Thank you.

Jennifer B. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Sexy strong young men. Oh yeah and flawless movers. They made my day
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: I don’t know if I want our movers getting a big head, but thanks.

Ron S. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
I think you guys were awesome, Matt & Mark showed up on time and went right to it and got the job done. I will recommend this service to friends and family. Thanks again!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Matt and Mark will be happy to see your review. Thank you

Robert S. -
Great job, tough guys
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured response: “Tough guys” haha, Thanks. I actually went on that move and even though you had a truckload of HEAVY furniture, we still had a good time. It was a pleasure.

Blake L. -
All Service Moving was great. They cared to do a great job. Would definitely recommend.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured response: Thank you Blake. Lol, your piano on the third floor was quite a surprise for us. We appreciated the challenge. Best regards, Jeff with ASM

Floyd C. -
Joe and Robert were good at getting things arranged in the truck to maximize space. I would use them again. Both were friendly and asked questions to make sure all was where I wanted it.Thanks.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured response: Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a nice day.

Shirley A K. -
Did a good job but didn’t come on time and talked constantly while working.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured response: You only ordered 1 Packer last minute (3hrs before needed) because your company didn’t show. The 2nd packer was “free”,the crew leader was talking because he was training. The crew was busy and came directly after last job. As always we try to be there for you.

Edward G. -
the crew was very professional and done a A PLUS job! very professional and worked hard! will recommend to others
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured response: Thank you Edward. We look forward to servicing you in the future.

Tianying F. -
Excellent job, highly recommended.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured response: Thank you Tianying, We hope your enjoying your new home.

Linda E. -
At first they were unnecessarily tracking dirt in the house, which was very upsetting. They did do a good job of arranging and tying everything down.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured response: Thank you Linda. I’m glad we didn’t go over our 3hr mark. Sorry for tracking dirt, we would take our shoes off if our insurance would let us. You turned down the carpet protector we offer. Thank you for the referral to your mother. We’ll see you there next week.

Andrew L. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
These guys work really hard. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank you Andrew. We wish the best for you and your family in your new home.

Tony T. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
I was majorly pleased with the service.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thanks Jeff, Chris and Joe said they had a good time on your move.

Jim G. (Pack/Unpack Help in Portland, OR):
Used craigslist movers before, and these guys are the only ones Ive rated 5 star.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: That’s excellent to hear

Jim G. (Driving Help in Portland, OR):
Worth the extra $. I just don’t feel comfortable driving the bigrigs
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured:Thank you

Mary B. (Driving Help in Portland, OR):
Movers drove my rental GREAT!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: I’m glad everything went well with your move. If you need us for your next move, feel free to call or go to our website

Mary B. (Pack/Unpack Help in Portland, OR):
Packing service was definitely worth it. It would have taken me twice as long, and im probably not as safe,
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Well let our packers know what you said. have a nice day

Mary B. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Loaders seemed to have just as much enthusiasm loading as unloading. Awesome!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: That’s good to hear, and they even had two other jobs that day. Best of luck in your new home.

Charles H. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Chris and Robert rock. Called ahead, showed up on time and banged out the job. Totally recommend these guys.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank you Charles, I’m sure Chris and Roberts crew will be happy to hear that.

Karrie F. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
great job! would have paid a bit more per hour for just one hour though. It would be nice to have that as an option.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thanks Karrie, and good luck in your new home:)

Teia M. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
They were very accommodating. The job took longer than expected and they stayed until it was complete. Thanks guys!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank you Teia, I hope the stress is off now that your moving is finished! Good luck in Law School:*)

Debra L. (Load/Unload Help in Vancouver, WA):
A++++ packed the truck very well…Had no trouble with the stuff shifting!!! Excellent! I would use again!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Debbra, our crews said they really enjoyed your move. So thank you for treating them so well.

Anne M. (Driving Help in Portland, OR):
more clarity in the original statement would be helpful, about contacting uhaul for a truck yourself. otherwise, good.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Unfortunately our service is loading and unloading and we do not provide truck, but we’re happy that your move went GREAT as you mentioned below.

Anne M. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Chris & Patrick were careful, thoughtful movers. everything survived the trip!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: It was a pleasure to move you Anne. Were excited for your next move.

Susan H. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
could have done a better job of packing the truck – there was a scratch on a wooden chair and the TV screen was placed face down. They were very nice and friendly.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank You Susan, we look forward to moving you again on the 30th. TV was placed correctly. We wrapped all chairs so no way to scratch them. If you still feel we did that, please call about insurance.

Jennifer A. (Load/Unload Help in Beaverton, OR):
These guys worked with my schedule even though I needed service the same day I called in. They were great and I highly recommend them!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank you Jennifer, we look forward to your next move.

Lori S. (Load/Unload Help in Sandy, OR):
The guys were very quick and did a great job.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank You Lori, we appreciate your business.

Jeremy P. (Load/Unload Help in Sherwood, OR):
AWESOME, came out on short notice, worked hard, and were extremely friendly. Thanks guys.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Many thanks for having us Jeremy. We are always ready to serve our customers the best way we know how.

Jerry S. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Took a long time to load 6 hrs Good over-all
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank You Jerry, Loading and Unloading of your 26ft U-Haul was a pleasure for the crew. We hope to see you again in the future.

Francisco O. (Load/Unload Help in Hillsboro, OR):
These guys were great. They were here on time, took care of everything. They were very customer oriented and hard working. They were also careful during the move. Thanks!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: It was truly a pleasure to move you. Your dogs were beautiful!! We look forward to serving you again.

Joseph F. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Excellent on time service – These are the guys to request !!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank You Joseph, we really had fun on your move! We look forward to the next time we can move you.

Rick F. (Load/Unload Help in Clackamas, OR):
They did all that was asked of them and asked what else they could do. Thanks for the help!!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: The piano was great! Thanks Rick, and we look forward to moving you again.

Dave G. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
They did an outstanding job. They called to let us know they would be delayed, arrived when the said they would, and finished within the time requested. I highly recommend this company.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank You Dave, we hope to be your moving company in the years ahead.

Jim M. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Patrick was great. On time and professional. He offered to stay and help arrange my furniture. Highly recommended!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank you Jim. We always like to hear that we are doing a good job and pleasing move and our customers. We will be pleased to move you again!

Jan B. (Load/Unload Help in Milwaukie, OR):
FANTASTIC, this is the second time that i used these guys and on both occasions they were on time and did a very professional job. I will use them again.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Always a pleasure Jan.

Tiffany H. (Load/Unload Help in Beaverton, OR):
Movers were prompt, on time, and worked tirelessly…plus stayed on four hours overtime!
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: Thank You Tiffany, it was a pleasure for the crew to move you.

Joseph E. O. (Load/Unload Help in Portland, OR):
Movers were a little tired, but did a great job. I only wish they would have had time to move me the day before.
ALL SERVICE MOVING Licensed Insured: We hope to serve you again. Thank You