Movers packing a tea cup collectionALL SERVICE MOVING is fully licensed and insured. Don’t risk the potential loss/damage that can occur by using casual laborers that have no liability coverage or minimal experience. Leave your move to the experts.

Moving is stressful enough, but when you add in packing, it’s enough to make you want to rent a dumpster to throw it all away. There’s the added stress of getting it done right–do you lay your dishes flat, or sideways? Will they break in transit? The easiest thing to do is relax and let All Service Moving do the packing. Our certified crews will protect your belongings, paying careful attention to every detail.

All Service Moving packing services include:

  • Individual wrapping for each item.
  • Trained crews to protect fragile items like glasses and stemware.
  • Great rates on boxes and packing materials.
  • Blanket padding to protect furniture during loading. (If requested)
  • Shrink-wrap for furniture as added protection where necessary. (If requested)

Have you dreamed of having someone else unpack your belongings? Sort of an “Unpacking Genie” who would magically empty the boxes and take all the trash away? With All Service Moving, it can be a reality! All Service Moving offers several unpacking options that are competitively priced–especially when compared to your valuable time.


 Packing supply rates (link)