Brian Adolphson

Young and athletic, Brian can work 14 hours without ever skipping a beat. He played collegiate football and prides himself with staying in shape. Brian is one of our up and coming stars and is moving up the ranks of All Service Moving as fast as anyone. He has an infectious personality and is pleasure to have on your move.

Brian Mitrik

Brian is one of our expert runners and loaders. His professionalism and apt customer service has generated hundreds of excellent reviews over the years. In his free time, Brian enjoys going on adventures to the river and trips to the coast, as well as listening to music on his prized sound system.

Brian Shepard (“Shep”)

No one can beat Shep’s unbreakable focus and resolve when it comes to getting things done. As a time-tested member of our team, Shep brings an unmatched energy to the moving process, ultimately enhancing everyone’s morale and motivating his crews to exceed expectations on every move.

Charles Whitfield

Older brother to Cory Whitfield, Charles brings such authoritative leadership to the team; he commands respect and expects the absolute best from his crew. These two brothers obviously share some healthy competition—always challenging each other to expand their knowledge of moving practices and approaching every move with confidence and charisma. Charles lives for moving as well as hosting incredible BBQs.

Chase Choruby

Chase Choruby, MoverChase has arisen as a stand out in the business. Quickly becoming a packing professional Chase is sent out on our largest most important packs jobs. His perseverance on a move is astounding he will not stop hustling until the move is completed.

Chris Coleman

Chris, or “Kevin Durant” as we know him due to his amazing resemblance to the Oklahoma City basketball star possess similar athletic traits. 6’7” and in amazing shape, Chris is another mover with amazing stamina. Chris also offers outstanding customer services and manors on any move. All around one of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet.

Cory Whitfield

Cory has been working in the moving industry for over 10 years and attributes his longevity to proper moving technique, the utilization of new tools and methods, and the simple enjoyment of having a job where everyday is a little different and nothing is guaranteed. All Service Moving’s compassionate employees are what drew him to the company. He appreciates an employer that looks out for its employees as much as its customers. Corey likes Portland because of its people and its proximity to so many beautiful, natural places. Escaping the city and enjoying the great outdoors is always the first thing on Corey’s agenda outside of work.

Danny Peebles

As an Army vet Danny brings a military work ethic to every job. A no nonsense and precision approach is Danny’s method of completing a move. Quickly becoming one of our piano and gun safe experts he is a heavy lifter with the brains to match.

Edward Murray (Mr. Ed)

Ed Murray, MoverEdward always has a smile on his face. His positive attitude and energy are infectious. Edward thinks that All Service Moving’s ability to go above and beyond its expectations is what makes us the clear choice for customers. Ed enjoys his free time by relaxing, working out, and trying new things.

Evan Butteris

Evan Butteris MoverEvan’s career in moving is similar to that of many others. A summer job when attending college turned into a career that has spanned the nation. Originally a mover in Minnesota Evan has spent time moving in Colorado and now Oregon. He has become a proud member of the All Service Moving office; Answering phones, booking moves and coordinating crews. Evan spends his free time outdoors, hiking, biking, skiing, and anything else that gives him an opportunity to explore this great nation.


Frank Moving MascotFrank is what keeps this company in fine form. He is an authoritative leader that doesn’t accept inadequate work. When he’s not laying down the law in the office he’s barking orders over the phone. Frank enjoys his daily round of golf, exotic bones and fine wines.

Jasper Lind

Every company has its veteran. All Service Moving has Jasper Lind. With 10 years’ experience and an incredibly keen intellect, Jasper specializes in tackling large, complex moves—large crews, enormous homes, oversized items, fragile art pieces, challenging environments you name it. Jasper’s immaculate record and consistent attitude make him one of the most valued Crew Leaders in the industry.

Jeff Church

Jeff has over 12 years of business-to-business sales experience in various capacities as well as previously owning his own hauling company. He specializes in building relationships with his clients, and by using a thorough approach to his projects, he is able to solve the many obstacles that can come with commercial moves.

Jim Strickler

Jim has been in the transportation and warehousing industry for over 25 years and he was awarded Allied Van Lines Special Products Division Salesperson of the Year two years in a row.Jim’s experience includes LTL freight services, COD household sales, employee relocation, office and industrial moving, warehousing and distribution services and high value products shipping, all on the local, national and international levels. Jim has also been involved in church ministry for the last 40 years, serving in various positions as a professional minister and as a lay minister.

Joe Bellegarde

Another one of our seasoned veterans, Joe is the master of quick, efficient, and streamlined moves. His incredible endurance and knowledge provide customers with a stress-free moving experience in which everything is clearly communicated and expertly handled. Joe’s likeable personality makes him a joy to be around.

John Asher

John Asher is one friendly guy. He is a well-disciplined mover, but kindness and discernment are his strongest attributes. Moving offices and households can be taxing work, but John comes back from every job with a smile. He is a dedicated family man and enjoys trying new food carts in the Portland area. John enjoys working at All Service Moving because of the community atmosphere that all the employees generate.

Johnny Rodgers

Many of our crew leaders have the ability to boost moral just by their resilient, positive attitudes. Johnny is a great example of one such crew leader. He maintains an enjoyable work atmosphere while remaining dedicated to the task at hand. Johnny hails from Georgia, but fits right in as one of Portland’s avid outdoorsmen. Whether it is working or hiking, Johnny likes to feel accomplished by approaching each day as a new challenge and succeeding.

Jon Guernsey

Perhaps one of our youngest and brightest, Jon G. is a powerhouse when it comes to streamlining the moving process; care, efficiency, and speed are top-priority. In addition to his top-notch customer service, Jon’s best qualities are his cooperative and motivating nature when directing a move. He sets a pace that is manageable for everyone, yet pushes the limits when necessary. Jon does an excellent job promoting the All Service Moving name through his consistent hard work and determination.

Jon Powell

“Powell” is not only a reliable mover, but a dedicated family man. Jon has a strong background in commercial moving where he handled anything from businesses to hotels. He has the willpower to work tirelessly and maintain a healthy home life. Powell enjoys exploring the local community, especially a good old-fashioned steak at Sayler’s Country Kitchen.

Justin Heckman

Justin has happily been helping All Service Moving move customers for over 3 years. He is a jack of all trades and will jump on any opportunity to flex his muscle and move pianos. “We are the best.” Justin doesn’t just talk the talk, he really enjoys helping all of our customers through a stress-free move. Justin takes pride in representing a local company with such a good reputation.

Ken Snow

Ken Snow, MoverMany movers have a wide variety of work experience in different fields; this is especially true for Ken. Although he is a native Oregonian he appreciates the diversity of the all places he was able to call home. His charming personality and vast intellect make him a great conversationalist. We are happy he has chosen to bring his experience here to our team.

Khari Hanna

Another one of All Service Moving’s talented athletes, Khari brings his skills from the gridiron to the household. He treats every move like it’s a day at the gym and never shies away from a challenge. His hustle and positive attitude is always appreciated, something he maintains through long summer days.

Mo Badreddine

The enthusiasm and dedication Mo brings to the job is impressive. The company jokester is still a mover who knows when to get serious and ensure your belongings are being moved safely. The skill set that Mo has learned in the 2 years in the business is fantastic. He is now teaching some of our new comers how to pick it up as quickly as he did. Our office receives nothing but great feedback form customers about Mo’s amazing positivity.

Robbie Whittle

Robbie Whittle, MoverRobbie has been with All Service Moving for over 2 years. He has spent that time honing his skills and is now regarded as one of Portland’s few packing Wizards. His favorite part about working at All Service Moving is the fact that he is able to be active and outdoors every day. Listening and playing music are Robbie’s true passions; he truly appreciates Portland’s diverse musical landscape.

Seth Payseur

Seth Payseur is a Jack-of-All-Trades. In addition to his crew lead and driver experience, Seth is vastly in charge of client relations, social media, and is our resident tech guru. He’s an adaptable, inventive, and encouraging fellow and a big part of the All Service Moving team.

Steve Dye

Steve Dye, MoverSteve has been working hard moving Portland residents for 5 years now. Although he hails from San Jose, he now calls Vancouver home. Steve takes pride in working for All Service Moving because of our ability to move carefully, efficiently and keep a positive attitude. Steve is a crafty thinker—probably something he picked up from watching his idol Joe Montana.

Tony Roskoski

Anthony, or Tony as he goes by, possesses a wealth of knowledge in this industry. Tony’s skill and ability to utilize the equipment to increase efficiency on a move is unmatched. His work ethic has spread throughout the company and his presence has done nothing but improved every mover we have on our team.

William/Will/Willy/Ill Will Babbitt

Willy attributes his success to his natural ability to adapt to different situations. He is stress-free which is greatly appreciated when moving. William loves his free time, truly embodying the mantra “Work hard, play hard”. Willy loves the culture and food of Portland, especially sushi at Bamboo. When he has the chance, Willy loves to get out and play a few rounds on the golf course.

James Patterson

James enjoys playing with his band and exploring the great outdoors. His life goal is to raise his son to become a gentleman of quality.

Kevin Comeau

Kevin is currently attending school and is pursuing his degree in Clean Energy. His life goal is to pursue his passion in sustainable energy.

Rob Rowe

Rob prides himself in providing quality customer service. His life goal is to be a hardworking, respectable, and honorable man.

John Rosenberry

John is the father of two and enjoys spending time with his family.

Aaron Burbach

Aaron enjoys spending time with his family. His life goal is to complete his education.

Cruz Arias

Cruz enjoys spending time with his family.

Chuck Post

Chuck has been in the moving business for over 25 years. He is looking forward to buying a house in the near future.

Brent Dewhitt

Brent came from a smaller moving company and is excited to continue his career with our company.

Sam Courtright

Sam’s life goal is to start his own business on the beach and retire there.

Nikola Bozovic

Nikola is has been a mover for the past 7 years. He is a family man and enjoys his free time at home with his children.

Kyle Ramundt

Kyle is from Minnesota and loves living in Portland. He enjoys camping and live music. He has been a mover for over 8 years.

Eric Adams

Eric loaded in sets for movies and the preforming arts for more than 5 years. Eric wants to own land and build wooden canoes once settling into the Portland area.

Nick Rangel

Nick is family man with goals of someday becoming a Firefighter. He has been a mover for 5 years and has loved every minute of it.

Sean Giammatteo

Sean is an experienced mover and loves the activeness of his daily duties. His philosophy to live morally and financially debt free.

Joseph Wilson

“Work is a great workout” quoted from the Joseph Wilson.