5 Ways to Make Your Local Move Kid-Friendly


Whether your family is relocating to a new home across the street or across town, the process of a local residential move can be overwhelming for children. The transition will involve lots of new experiences and letting go of some of the comforts of their daily life. Your kids may have to attend a new school, say goodbye to old friends or neighbors, or give up their own room. Instead of feeling like they are involved in the change, children often feel like the moving process is happening to them. To ease the transition, get to know the five following ways to make your local residential move more kid-friendly.

1. Hold a Family Meeting

Before the ball gets rolling on your family’s local residential move, consider holding a family meeting to talk to your children about what to expect. Go over your rough timeline, what will be expected of them, and various obstacles that could occur during the process. Additionally, be sure to ask your kids if they have any questions or are worried about anything regarding the moving process. This will get everyone in your family on the same page and let your kids know their involvement and opinions matter.

2. Have a “Packing Party”

It might be alarming for children to suddenly see their bedrooms get packed up. To make sure they feel involved in the entire moving process, it may be a good idea to have a family “packing party.” This way, your kids will know where their toys and bedroom belongings are going and that everything will be unpacked at your new home. Children can become uncomfortable when they feel as though they have no control over a situation, and including them in the packing process is a great way to make them less uncomfortable with the upcoming transition.

3. Lead By Example

Residential moves are stressful for everyone, even if you’re relocating to a new home nearby. Keep in mind your children will pick up on your moods, including the stress or frustration you may be feeling. While unforeseen hiccups during your residential move may be unavoidable, try to lead by example and keep your cool around your kids. If you exhibit a positive outlook, your children will respond with a similar attitude.

4. Get Back to Normal

Packing up your belongings and getting all your things to your new home is only half the battle when it comes to residential moves. For many families, it may take months to get everything unpacked and organized in a new house. However, an effective way to make your kids feel less anxious about a move is to try to get back to normal as soon as possible. This may include prioritizing unpacking your children’s bedrooms, placing familiar items around your new home, stocking the pantry with their favorite snacks, having family dinners at home within the first few days, or simply getting your family back on their familiar routine.

5. Help Them Stay Busy & Make Friends

While local moves do not involve all the drastic changes of long-distance residential moves, your family’s transition might mean your children are attending a new school or cannot participate in the same extracurricular activities. Kids can feel anxious or become more introverted when they’re not seeing the usual familiar faces. It’s essential to help them stay busy and make friends.

If you just moved across town, invite your kids’ friends over shortly after you settle in or set up a park playdate to reassure them they can remain in touch with their favorite people. In addition, encourage your children to play sports, instruments, or get involved in other hobbies. Staying busy will help acclimate them with your new neighborhood and the people in it.

How A Full-Service Residential Moving Company Can Help

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