As a Pacific Northwest resident, you’re most likely not only familiar with, but also accustomed to, lots of heavy rains and limited daylight during the winter months. But, while you might be used to a seemingly endless cold and rainy season, a residential move in Portland or Seattle might be something you’ve yet to experience. So, what should you do to prepare for a successful residential move during the winter? The following tips will help you plan for a smooth transition into your new home before the spring.

Plan Ahead for a Stress Free Winter Move


No matter what time of year you move, it’s crucial to plan in advance. When it comes to residential moves in Portland or Seattle, many homeowners may think they can tackle the transition on their own without hiring a professional. While the DIY route may work for some small spaces, moving an entire household is an enormous task that will go much more smoothly with help from a team of professionals.

Plan ahead and book your movers well in advance. Though moving companies are busiest during the spring and fall months, it’s still a good idea to book ahead for your winter move. You’ll want to make certain they’re available for your preferred moving date.

While your actual moving day should be left to the pros, you and your family can certainly get some of your moving to-do list done on your own, especially during the planning stage. Some of the tasks include calendaring out important dates, organizing your belongings, securing a storage space, contacting utility companies, and packing up your home. For winter moves, it’s also a good idea to prepare for the high probability of rain by stocking up on weatherproof packing materials.

Stay Warm & Keep an Eye on the Weather

Temperatures drop during Pacific Northwest winters, and an unheated home can make moving day quite uncomfortable. Consider heating both your current and new home on moving day to avoid discomfort for your whole family. Not only that, your TVs, computers, and other electronics are sensitive to the cold, so it’s best to keep them at a steady temperature as well. You’ll have a slightly higher heating bill for one extra day, but it may be worth the expense.

You may want to monitor the weather for moving day. If the forecast indicates you could be facing inclement weather and you have concerns about your move, give your moving company a call – they’ll help you with the best path forward for a safe and successful move. Many moving companies are well prepared, even for the worst conditions.

Moving Day: Weatherproof Walkways & Consider Daylight Hours

If you think you may be dealing with snow or ice on the day of your residential move, consider weatherproofing all pathways and stairs used to transport your belongings from each home and in and out of the moving truck. You might even want to salt icy walkways or shovel snow to avoid slipping.


As Portland and Seattle homeowners know, daylight only lasts for about eight hours each day during the winter. It’s a good idea to start moving early enough that you have time to complete your move in one day, but also late enough that you aren’t faced with morning darkness.

Winterize Your New Home

With all the chaos surrounding a residential move, you might overlook the value of winterizing your new home. It’s important to check the driveway and all parking spaces are clear of ice and safe for cars. Also, be sure to confirm that the HVAC system at your new house is working properly and that your home is insulated.

Hire a Trusted Residential Moving Company in Portland or Seattle

To ensure a smooth transition into your new home, it’s vital to plan each stage ahead of time. Hiring a trusted residential moving company in Portland or Seattle will help the process go as seamlessly as possible. All Service Moving is one of the best moving companies in Oregon and Washington. We can assist with all aspects of your residential move including packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and assembly, storage assistance, and of course, safely transporting all your belongings to your new home. Contact us today to start planning your residential move in Portland or Seattle!