Everything You Need to Know about Moving Your Business

Make a Plan

Moving a commercial business affects more than your operation and employees. It also impacts customers, vendors, the public and other stakeholders. When moving your business, the first thing you need is a plan. The plan should begin four to six months before the move. Large offices should plan six to eight months in advance.

A good plan includes a timeline of when to reach major and minor milestones, such as when to:

  • Vet and hire Portland movers
  • Start packing
  • Set up utilities at the new location
  • Update contact information on your website and on marketing materials
  • Obtain permits, licenses and insurance policies
  • Hire contractors to prepare the new commercial space

Onboard Your Employees

Employees can make or break the success of your operation’s move. Involve them early on so they know exactly what to expect and what their roles will be.

If you have medium to large office, it is a good idea to have someone in each department head the move for their respective area. This could be a supervisor or manager who is willing to take on the responsibility of ensuring each employee follows through with their moving-related tasks.

Take advantage of your employees’ insight to learn what doesn’t work in your current space to create solutions for the new space. Incorporating their points of view will help those who aren’t wild about the move be more involved.

Start Packing Early

It’s simple to underestimate how long it takes to pack and unpack. Before you start packing, consider donating items and equipment you no longer need. A move is a great time to upgrade computers, computer hardware, office supplies and furniture. Plus, when you donate them to a registered charity, you’ll receive a tax break and save on moving costs.

When you begin packing, pack items you need but don’t use often, such as extra office supplies. Clearly label the boxes in which you pack the items.

When packing up computers and related hardware, remove all the cables first. Place each cable in a zippered plastic bag. Then identify the type of cable on the bag (e.g., printer cable, CPU power cord).

If packing computer equipment on your own, wrap thick moving blankets or bubble wrap around monitors and computer cases. Secure the wrapping material with packing tape. Do not stack computer equipment and avoid placing items on top of it. When packing printers, remove the cartridges inside them and secure the covers and trays in place using tape.

When working with a moving company, consider purchasing the insurance it offers as your commercial insurance policy might not cover damages that occur during a move. Similarly, protect yourself by ensuring the moving company has liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Stay in Touch with Customers

During your move, customers need to know about your relocation plans and how your business will operate during the transition period. Doing so will help ensure they don’t look elsewhere for the services you provide.

Other entities to notify about your move include:

  • Vendors
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Utility providers
  • Post office
  • Registered agent

Hire Movers

It might seem more cost-effective to have staff members pack and move boxes. In reality, this prevents them from focusing on what they do best, customers, and your business’s goals. When customers don’t receive the service they expect, it can hurt the bottom line. Similarly, the stress of a move may make employees look for work elsewhere.

Take the pressure off employees by leaving the bulk of packing and moving boxes to professionals. Start gathering estimates and vetting Portland movers about two months before the move, and make your decision at least one month in advance.

All Service Moving specializes in commercial moving for businesses of all sizes in the Portland and Seattle areas. Our specialists will create a plan that includes every detail. Our logistics-related services take this plan a step further by allowing your workers to focus their energies on what they do best. Contact All Service Moving today for a free estimate and to discover how we simplify commercial moves.