Seattle, Washington, is home to many sports teams, meaning a lot of sports fans live in the area. All Service Moving Seattle knows that with the rich sports history running through the town, there are plenty of sports memorabilia that need to be kept safe and stored properly, especially during a move. 

Our company offers not only professional packers but also moving supplies and equipment. Sports fans will want their sports memorabilia protected during the move and our packers and movers can make sure that is done, we are the movers you can trust! 

Sports Memorabilia we can keep safe:

  • Balls
  • Cards
  • Jerseys

How to Store Autographed Baseballs?

Autographed balls have a lot of value in them, so protecting them for you is very important to us. Keeping the autograph in good shape is a key factor ball keeping its value. If it were to get smudged, the value may decrease, and it may not look as good on display. We have a few steps to prepare the autographed balls for a move:

  • Wrap the ball in a few layers of tissue paper. White is the recommended paper to avoid dyes or stains on the ball. 
  • Use packing tape to keep the tissue in place. Make sure that none of the tape touches the memorabilia. Tape could ruin the ball or leave a sticky residue. 
  • Wrap the ball in bubble wrap. It will help protect the ball against dings and dents during transport. 
  • Place the ball in a properly sized box to reduce the amount a ball will shift and move during transport.

Signed sports memorabilia can often have some of the highest value, so protecting them is our main focus. 

Sports Cards

Collection cards often find their homes in a shoebox, which is not where you want them to be during a move. There are a few ways to protect or cover your cards during a move. Some are time-consuming but worth it to keep the value in your cards. 

Storing Cards:

  • Sports cards binders 
  • Plastic sleeves and top loafers
  • Screw-down covers
  • Sports Card boxes

Each one of these will reduce the amount your cards shift, which means that the edges and corners will go undamaged and they will keep their value. Once you have picked your method, wrap them in bubble wrap, stacking peanuts, or extra clothes and linens as an extra layer of protection.

Signed or Game-Worn Jerseys

When it comes to jerseys, a lot of questions we get asked are “how to display sports memorabilia on walls?” That leads us to think of how jerseys need to be properly packed for a move before they get displayed on sports memorabilia walls. So we created a step-by-step to follow to properly prepare your jerseys:

  • The jersey should already be hanging, as this prevents wrinkles. Make sure they are not on metal hangers due to the possibility for rust and bending due to the weight of the jersey. 
  • Place the jersey in a zippered or sealed garment bag. A garbage bag can also be used if you poke a hole on the bottom when flipped upside down, creating an opening for the hanger to go through. You then help prevent dust and dirt from getting on the jersey by tying the bag closed. 
  • The jersey should be laid flat in the moving truck, or keep it hanging. 

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