Dealing With the Moving Countdown

Moving boxes with a checklist sitting atop the top box.

Relocating to a new home or entirely new part of the country is an exciting prospect for many. But as the day that you’re finally moving out approaches, it may be a bit stressful trying to manage the moving countdown checklist.

If you find yourself in this position, then do not worry. The team at All Service Moving is here to help! As Washington, Arizona, Oregon, and California movers with years of experience as relocation experts across various communities, our team knows exactly how difficult these last few days can be to manage. We have created this quick guide on how to be prepared for the final stretch of moving day preparations.

What to Do When You’re One Week From Moving

Are you moving next week and feeling a little bit stressed about how to have everything in place for when the day of your relocation rolls around? No need to worry. Our moving countdown checklist will provide the perfect guideline!

This time period is when you’re going to want to let your prescribing doctor, bank, dentist, and any other appointment-based service you make use of that you’re going to be relocating. With so much going on during a relocation, these things can fall to the wayside during the earlier stages of your countdown to move, be sure to get these done around one week from moving house.

What else should you do when the countdown to move is at around the one-week mark? Well, you should start labeling and tagging all of your furniture, appliances, and more based on where you will be placing them in your new home. This will make the entire unboxing part of moving a breeze and is highly recommended by our professionals.

By having these things taken care of, you’re ready to go into the 24 hours before moving day with confidence. And that’s especially important considering that there are several other things you’re going to be doing on that day as well.

What to Do on Moving Day to Be Better Prepared

Once you’ve taken care of everything that is suggested during the week before moving, you’re going to be ready for the day before with this moving checklist! There is plenty to do on this day, all of which is important. Be sure to have some time set aside so that tending to this moving day checklist is no hassle at all.

With only about 24 hours left before you relocate, there are still plenty of things to do during the moving countdown. Much of it is simple housekeeping and formalities but are important to complete nonetheless.

You should be notifying your utilities provider and post office of what is going on at this time, canceling the services you’ve previously made use of, and notifying the proper entities that you’re going to need packages forwarded to the new location should be at the top of the priority list at this time.

After this is done, you should try to make it so that the movers are able to make the necessary movements at a fast speed so that the show can get on the road with ease and speed in mind. The moving countdown can be hard to remember without proper guidance. Hopefully, this guide from our expert West Coast movers makes it a breeze!

Our All Service Moving Company Is Here to Help!

Are you relocating to Arizona, Washington, California, or Oregon as a family or business and are in need of either local or long-distance relocation assistance? The team at All Service Moving is here to help by providing the perfect service at an affordable price! Get an online quote today or reach out to our team to learn more about the process directly from the experts.

Interested in learning more about all things relocation in the areas that our movers service? Be sure to take a look at some of our other articles to get insights into the subject from industry professionals with years of experience.


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