Moving to the Pacific Northwest?

Here Are 7 Things You Need to Know

If you’re moving to the Pacific Northwest, in particular Portland or Seattle, then you’re following in the footsteps of many other residents who have relocated in recent years. What is drawing people to the Pacific Northwest?

For some it’s a welcome change of climate and for others it’s all about the culture. Thinking of making a move to the area? We’ve compiled seven things we think every newcomer should know about All Service Moving’s neck of the woods. And, view our infographic below to discover 7 things you’ll love about living in the PNW.

1. The climate is varied

Even though the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for grey and gloomy weather, it doesn’t rain as much here as you might think. New York gets a round 50 inches of rain a year, while Portland and Seattle experience around 36 inches. If you don’t like cold East Coast winters, you’ll consider it balmy in the Pacific Northwest; winter temperatures rarely get much below 40° to 50°F.

2. The coffee is free flowing

If you love coffee, the sheer number of coffee shops in Seattle and Portland should perk you right up. These two cities have the most coffee shops of any city in the U.S, with almost 1,700 for Seattle (the birthplace of Starbucks) and just over 1,500 for Portland. Outside of these two cities, anywhere you move to in the PNW you’re sure to come across local coffee shops that serve a great brew.

3. Craft beer is popular

Portland and Seattle are pioneers in the craft beer scene and host more breweries than any other cities in the country. In fact, Eastern Washington is known as the “Hops Capital” of the world! City residents love taking part in weekend beer crawls and are known for making homebrew. If beer’s not your beverage of choice, both Oregon and Washington are thriving, world renowned wine regions, as well.

4. Food is fresh and local

Both cities are situated so close to the Pacific Ocean you can expect seafood to be plentiful and fresh. From Dungeness crab to Chinook salmon, quality seafood doesn’t have to travel far to get from ocean to plate. Gourmet food trucks using healthy local ingredients are also popular in the areas for grabbing an affordable breakfast or lunch-on-the-go.

5. People are into casual fashion

Dressing for the weather often trumps dressing in the latest fashions. Go-to items in most wardrobes are usually rainproof, practical, and comfy. Of course, the cities are also known for unique boutiques and up-and-coming fashion designers. So, yes, you can find the perfect little black dress for a night at the opera!

6. Outdoor activities abound

One thing that sets Pacific Northwest residents apart from the rest of the U.S is the focus on outdoor activities. People like to go on trips out of the city for hiking and camping, or to a beach or lake for swimming and  kayaking. The northern portion of the Pacific Crest Trail runs through both Washington and Oregon attracting many weekend adventurers across the PNW. Cycling is also a popular mode of transportation and exercise, thanks to well-developed bike infrastructure in urban areas.

7. There’s something for everyone

Pacific Northwest living is all about embracing your own interests and creating a lifestyle that suits you best. There are no rules! Whether you’re a craft beer drinking hipster who frequents the local music scene, or a coffee drinking professional who likes weekend hikes, you’ll find the Pacific Northwest has something for everyone.

Considering a move? Learn how All Service Moving can make it a breeze! We’ve been serving the Pacific Northwest area for decades and are rated one of the best moving companies in Portland and Seattle. Contact us today to learn more about our services.