Tips for Moving a Desk

Tips for Moving a Desk

When someone is confronting a move in the near future, they will sometimes need to move an office or study equipment like office chairs, printers, or desks. While it may seem simple at first, moving a desk can be one of the most difficult parts of a move. If you are wondering how you can go about transporting a desk from one home to another, All Service Moving and our experienced Oregon movers are here to make sure that you receive the most relevant information possible. Continue reading below to learn more from one of the top Oregon moving companies in the industry. 

How to Pack a Desk

One of the most important parts of moving anything is properly packing it for transport. If you are interested in learning how to pack a desk for moving, our moving professionals are here to help you. Packing a desk requires that you grab the assistance of a family member or friend so that they can help you disassemble it.

Depending on the kind of desk that you have, you may need to carefully separate different parts of it so that you can pack it without damaging it. This may include sliders or special cabinets that are necessary for the proper function of the desk. We recommend that you separate these so that you can pack them into your moving truck separately. This would ensure that you protect them should they be subjected to rough conditions during transit.

After unpacking the items that make up the desk, it is important to get boxes that are suitably sized for the items that make up the desk. After finding the correctly sized boxes, it is important to get the right packing materials. These include packing peanuts, packing paper, and even newspapers. The items should fit snugly into the boxes but with enough space to add the filler to them so that they are protected from the regular bumps that accompany transit. 

Once you have separated all of the boxes that make up the desk, you should be keen to put them into a moving truck and secure them with furniture straps or any other kind of harness that secures them. 

How to Move a Desk

If you own a desk that cannot be broken down without sustaining significant damage, you may need to move it in one piece so that it can be taken to a moving truck or another form of transportation. The best way that you can begin to move a desk is by gathering any materials that you may need. The most common supplies include furniture sliders.

When you have gathered all of these important materials, an integral step is to make a plan for moving the furniture. Depending on the desk that you need to move and its size, you may need to choose a specific door or corridor to move your furniture through because of its size.

Our Portland, Oregon, moving company recommends that you move the desk across the home or whatever room you may need to by sliding it across the floor. If you cannot find furniture sliders or find that they do not stick or function properly, you can use cardboard boxes as makeshift furniture sliders. These allow you to glide your desk across the room, much like when furniture sliders are used. 

How to Move a Desk by Yourself

Moving a desk by yourself is not as difficult as it may seem. To move a desk by yourself, it will be necessary to use cardboard boxes instead of furniture sliders because this gives you more room for error. You should lay these cardboard boxes throughout the entire exit route so that all you need to do is push the desk with all of your body weight to the moving truck. If you live in an apartment building and plan to move a desk by yourself, you should instead consider relying on the services of one of the top furniture moving companies in Oregon, like All Service Moving.

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