Understanding the Phoenix Real Estate Market

If you are considering a move to this amazing city, then it is important to understand the state of the Phoenix, AZ, housing market. This includes the reasons that prices here, and home prices in Arizona in general, have changed so much. In order to make understanding the Phoenix real estate market easier next time you plan on relocating, All Service Moving’s Phoenix team has created this quick guide to the trends we are seeing. Our team of movers in Phoenix has over a decade of experience providing relocations to this community and other communities in the western United States. We would love to be of service to anyone considering a move to the area.

Trends in the Phoenix Arizona Housing Market

Before taking a look into the reasons behind trends and changes in prices, it is important to understand exactly what is going on in the Phoenix real estate market and how it has affected prices for homes and apartments. The housing market in Phoenix is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing in the United States, with home prices in Phoenix, Arizona, going up about 27% from 2021 to 2022. Apartment rental prices have also seen an uptick, with them now being valued at about 18% higher than they were the year prior. 

The trend of increased home prices in Phoenix, Arizona, and most Arizona home prices as well, did not come out of nowhere. There are actually several different reasons for these increases, and they can all be traced to the city and what it has to offer. 

Reasons for Phoenix Home Prices Changing

The Phoenix real estate market has long been championed as one that offers affordability to the residents of the state, and while this is true today, it is objectively more expensive to live in the area. The main reasons attributed to the growth in Phoenix house prices can be traced back to new and growing competition for housing.

Phoenix has a large retirement community, and for a long time, the city was mostly known for this circumstance. Recently there has been a change. As younger residents of the city start to buy homes for the first time, a real estate price boom begins. More buyers mean more competition for the property in question and increases in prices. Phoenix is still renowned as being an affordable city, and this has attracted other younger people from the state and from around the country to start moving in and calling this place home. The market has had a steady but large growth in prices over the past few years, and with the case remaining unchanged, it is becoming more and more possible for anyone to grow their wealth in this sunny paradise.

The Phoenix Movers You Can Trust

If you are considering a relocation to the Phoenix area and want to get moving help that will never disappoint, then be sure to get in touch with the All-Service Movers in Phoenix! Our team’s expertise and experience are sure to come in handy and make your next relocation a perfect one. Get an online quote today or read some of our other articles from our experts to learn more from our team. 


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