Over thirty million Americans change their residence each year with the average person moving about eleven times during their lifetime. In the last decade, these moves have also reflected in a shift to urban locales as people migrate towards industry-specific hubs, and large scale employers.

With temperate climates, proximity to the outdoors, and big-name employers such as Amazon, Nike, and Boeing, the Pacific Northwest cities of Seattle and Portland have seen a steady rise in population since 2010, and expect continued growth.

So, what is moving people to move?

4 Reasons Families are Making Local and Long-Distance Moves

Young families move the most of any American demographic (ages 18-34 and with 1-2 children per household). Many are moving due to changes in career, to be geographically closer to family, or to establish their first homes. Here are a few reasons Americans are on the move.

1. To follow the jobs.

Over ten percent of all moving Americans make the transition for a new career, and the tech boom has been a driving force as employees follow high-wage job opportunities. In recent years, the Pacific Northwest has seen a surge in tech employment and the two cities All Service Moving calls home – Portland and Seattle – have become the top relocation choices for the millennial population and Silicon Valley transplants.

Seattle, Washington has added roughly 220,000 jobs in the last decade as the Emerald City sets to top 750,000 residents, garnering the fastest growing large city title. Nicknamed the Silicon Forest for its year-round greenery and growing tech sector, Portland has also experienced steady expansion in tech jobs with an increase in population of more than 50,000 people between 2017 – 2018 alone.

2. To (finally) purchase their own home.

When it comes time to start a family, moving is a common part of the “settling down” equation. Nearly 12 percent of American families report establishing their own household as the primary reason for their move, above both job transfers and other family reasons.

3. To find a new home in the same state.

Of the roughly 35 million Americans who move on an annual basis, over 82 percent remained in the same state. Same-state movers may be looking for a new neighborhood or school district, there are many other reasons that Americans choose to move within their state, such as a growing family or easier commute.

4. To lower living costs.

Despite increased job opportunities and conveniences in large urban centers, the price of a home or apartment in these areas can be costly. Over eight percent of Americans cited less expensive housing as their number one reason for moving. For many young families or retiring couples on fixed incomes relocation provides the opportunity for more affordable dwelling.

Don’t DIY – All Service Moving is Here to Help

No matter what your reasons for moving, hiring professionals will make the process easier and safer. Do-it-yourself moving can be risky, time-intensive, and logistically complicated.

The pros at All Service Moving can help make sure your next move is easy, affordable and hassle-free. Whether a cross-country relocation for work or a move into the next school district, the experienced teams at All Service Moving have you covered.


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