Storage can be the single most crucial part of a move. Finding the right storage will determine if your belongings will make it through – the WET SEASON without mold, mildew & rot – the COLD SEASON where wood, glass and stone can be frost cracked – the WARM SEASON where wood finishes and temperature sensitive items like X-ray machines and computers are susceptible to damage – and the largest risk being THEFT in insecure storage facilities.

To protect yourself don’t just choose a storage because it has the best price or is close. Some of the added benefits of a high end storage are invaluable. Choose your storage based on what your belongings require. Valuable office fixtures should be put in a secure facility. Electronics need to stay cool and wood should stay warm. If you live in a wet area be sure the storage is indoors and dry. Units that open up to the outside are extra susceptible to theft, temperature and water damage.

See the Oregonian story about how to find a good moving & storage company.All Service Moving offers the perfect environment for office storage : 57,000 SqFt

Square Foot of Office Average Storage Required Cost per Month
250 square feet 50 square feet $100.00
750 square feet 100 square feet $200.00
1500 square feet 200 square feet $400.00
2500 square feet 300 square feet $600.00
5000 square feet 700 square feet $1400.00
Keep in mind, not all offices fit in the average storage sizes as listed above. This is a general idea of the average office. We offer free in-office consultations.

Warehousing – Some businesses require warehousing service. Please contact us at 503.810.2770 to discuss rates and needs.

Visiting - Tenant agrees to schedule at least 48 hours in advance any visits to storage facility. More than one 3 hour visit/month will result in a $35/hour “security labor” charge.

VAULTING or GROUND STORAGE? Our facility uses both VAULTING and GROUND storage. We chose the type of storage based on availability, efficiency or by special request. If you plan to visit units frequently, it is recommended that you request ground storage. Ground storage are units bolted to the ground with a locking door that can be easier to organize. Vaulting has benefits as well, such is quicker loading and unloading time because the storage can be brought right to the back of the truck with a forklift. It is debatable which is best, but both types of storage work great for nearly any household move.

Moving in & out – Tenant agrees that if not using All Service Moving, The company chosen must provide licensing, Workers compensation and list ASM LLC as Additionally insured prior to scheduling. Self move ins are not allowed.

* Heated Warehouse units.
Heated warehouse unit means the facility stays cooler in the summer (being enclosed in a warehouse) and heated during the cold season so the air doesn’t get too moist and the temperature never goes to damage causing levels.

* Dry, Full Indoor Units
Our warehouse based facility offers full indoor protection.

* Fully Enclosed Units
Each unit is separated and locked by a master key. Vaults are autonomously secure.

* High Security & Limited Access
Our warehouse storage facility is under full lock and key. No customer is allowed access in the premises without scheduling an appointment and having one of our members of management present while in the facility.

* Security Cameras & Remote Alarms


We work hard to offer the best storage service at a competitive price.