All Service Moving offers the highest performance warehouse in the Pacific NW. Prior to our 2004 entry; one could not find the warehousing & delivery services we now offer. We are talking about technology, training and quality that has no competitors. These attributes save our clients countless hours of work and frustration.

Our service is uniquely qualified for Interior designers, boutiques and companies that do not want to handle all the angles of warehouse and delivery management. Instead they can have the ability to control everything by the touch of a button on their mobile phone or computer.

Do you need a warehouse, but dont have the time or money  to manage it yourself?

Do you want to track warehouse inventory, arrivals and photos on a cell phone or computer?

Do you need deliveries made by actual movers, where quality and timeliness matter?

Do you want the ability to pass all the costs of warehousing and delivery to each client, item by item, delivery by delivery?

We have good news for you. All Service Moving can achieve all of this and more.


FREE WAREHOUSING: Want to make your All Service Moving warehouse entirely free?!! We can associate all or part of the cost to your clients items and bill them directly.

  • Online Inventory management (with photos)
  • Online delivery scheduling (by selecting the inventory you want to move)
  • Notification of arrivals and item location
  • All charges including storage & receiving can be charged to your clients.
  • Certified and professional deliveries and installation.
  • Trained staff with timely responses.




Terms of Delivery service:

Please contact our commercial accounts (503) 810-2770 for information and to receive a commercial delivery & Storage contract.

Delivery service is anything directly shipped to ASM in the form of freight. ASM then stores the items until delivery is scheduled. Storage of the items is free for up to 3 months before billing begins.

Freight can only qualify for Delivery service if it is being sold, purchased, replaced or rented. Goods already owned and being delivered are eligible for delivery rates.

Free use of Specified Material, Forklift, equipment & tools. General material charged for when used for reasonable shipment safety. Physical location of spaces may be changed at any time. General Storage is subject to our general storage agreement that can be requested at any time. Items left in Pallet Shelf over 3 months are transferred to General storage and charged at agreed rates. Shipments in Unknown become General storage after 30 days, and disposed of after 3 months. Shipments must be addressed to your company name (not ASM LLC). Whenever possible, also apply clients name. Delivery clients are also referred to as Dealers and need to show proof of business license. You must notify ASM of items not received so ASM can check Unknown area for item. Packaging only is inspected for damage when it arrives to loading dock and signed for. Package damage is notated with carrier when carrier has paperwork to sign. Shipment gets “Inspection” when requested & confirmed by email 48 hours in advance. Shipment gets “Inspection” when damage is visible without packaging removal (when requested prior to arrival). Storage may not be grouped. Each business day ASM inspects received shipments and places shipment in storage. Re-inspection by ASM is required when ASM insures an item the dealer has touched.

Companies working on behalf of dealer must provide proof of licensing, liability & workers compensation and are considered “non-Client” for Will Call purposes. ASM can call Dealers Client to schedule Delivery when requested. Valid credit card is required to be on file and will be charged automatically on the 15th of each month. Late payments are subject to contract fees. ASM holds no liability for any shipment received until full inspection is complete. ASM takes no responsibility for items opened by Dealer unless re-inspection is requested. Specific & additional insurance terms can be set up with ASM when available. 3rd Party insurance coverage can be used. Claims can be brought no later than 3 months from the date of delivery. ASM hold no responsibility for manufacturer quality or things outside ASM’s control. ASM valuation covered applies from the point of inspection to the end of delivery. Full Value insurance can be purchased prior to inspection requests.