Your IT hardware is most likely the most expensive and complicated equipment that your company owns. This can make moving it a stressful and potentially costly chore. Not only are any damages to the equipment going to be incredibly expensive, but any setbacks are going to cause your system to be down longer than it needs to be. And that means you’re losing money.

If you leave the work to All Service Moving, our highly trained crew will work closely with your IT staff on the logistics and implementation of your tech systems so they perfectly fit your specifications. We will move your sensitive equipment and set it up, leaving you to focus on your business and what really matters. Leave the hassle to us.

Here is the common tech equipment we help move:

  • Phone connection systems and VoIP phones
  • Computers and any computer attachments, desks, and accoutrements
  • Servers, server banks, and all the wires
  • Medicinal equipment

So if you need help moving your tech equipment in a safe and professional manner, give us a call today at All Service Moving (503) 810-2770. We’ll relocate your sensitive tech equipment and contract the setup so your business is back up and running as fast as possible.