In addition to providing full-service moves in the Pacific Northwest, All Service Moving offers long-distance moving services throughout the continental United States. Our long-distance services are considered to be any move greater than 50 miles.

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All Service Moving dedicated truck with view of Mount Hood

The All Service Moving Difference

For long-distance moves, we are proud to offer a Dedicated Truck service to our customers, which no other moving company provides.

Why is this important?

  • This means that for a cross-country move, your belongings will be loaded onto a specified truck without being combined with anyone else’s items.
  • Your furniture and household items will not be transferred to another truck or facility along the way, preventing any losses or damages.
  • ASM will schedule a set loading day and unloading day, allowing you the peace of mind knowing that your belongings will be safe and secure as they are transferred to your new residence.

Our long-distance interstate rates are based on the total miles between our office, your current home, and your destination home, as well as how many moving trucks are required for your move. Each 24-foot moving truck holds up to 8,500 pounds and contains 1,400 cubic feet of space.

All Service Moving truck at a resident's home

Insurance note: Valuation is limited to $.60 cents per pound (ie. very little). You may want to acquire long-distance moving insurance through Baker International Insurance. Baker specializes in cross-country moving services and is only available for highly-rated moving companies. Contact Baker by phone (1-800-356-0099) or through their website, using All Service Moving’s ID number (18895).

At All Service Moving, we specialize in full-service, reliable, moving services that focus on helping our customers throughout the entire process.