5 Reasons to Relocate Your Business


Relocating your business is no small undertaking, and there are associated risks such as possible lost customers or even loyal employees who just can’t make the move. Money for the move may not have initially been in the fiscal year’s budget and dealing with logistics can feel daunting. Despite all this, it is often worth it to take the plunge. All Service Moving’s commercial expertise can take care of all these pesky logistics for Oregon and Washington customers wherever they’re headed, minimizing the risks and ensuring your move is as seamless as possible.

Growth & Expansion

The most common reason to move is that business is booming and you’ve hired enough new employees that you’ve outgrown your current office space – and you’ve run out of room for more desks! Or, your existing facility has antiquated equipment, lack of parking space, and physically expanding the structure is neither possible or cost effective.

Costs & Incentives

Even though a move has associated upfront costs, these are far less than what an inefficient business can cost you in the long term. Additionally, some areas may offer tax and other incentives to businesses moving to the area, saving you serious cash.

Market Access & Proximity

As your business grows it’s important to make sure you have the customer base to support that growth. Does your current location offer a market sophisticated enough to meet your needs? Cities do not always grow at the same rate, and if a new business, culture, or other draw has pushed your market to another city it could be worth it to follow.

If you have managed to reach these clients from your present location, are you traveling long distances often in order to meet with them? You should be closest to your biggest clients. Not only do you want to reduce travel time and costs, but tough competition means you also don’t want them to leave you for a qualified company that’s closer.

The same goes for your suppliers and natural resources available in your area. Long distances mean higher transportation costs and longer response times.

Talent Pool

Can your local community provide enough workers with the specific skills needed in your company? Are new graduates and working professionals attracted to the location of your current corporate headquarters? If your advertisements on job websites and employee searches fail to attract people with the skills you’re looking for, relocation could help you access more qualified employees.

Headhunting and recruiting are essential to keeping pace with your competitors, but you want to make sure you retain as much of your current talent as possible as well. All Service Moving can work with your human resources department to create an employee relocation plan, ensuring a less stressful transition for all involved.

Quality of Life

As a business owner, the ultimate goal is to be happy and successful with both your business and your life. Do you like the outdoors or the city? Is housing affordable and available? Does the local school system have a good reputation? Is being close to your family important to you? While these may not sound like business decisions, being a happier boss will lead to happier employees and a better office culture. Your needs may even reflect those of your employees, making it a logical decision to relocate.

Though the prospect of moving an entire office might seem daunting, there are many reasons why it can be worth the trouble. All Service Moving can take care of all the details and ensure there is as little disruption to your daily business as possible. Contact us today for an estimate.