5 Tips for Timing Your Company’s Move


Once you have decided it is in your company’s best interest to move the next step should be determining when it should happen. These five tips can help you make your move at the right time.

1. Book ahead

It’s all about timing. If at all possible, you’ll want to start planning for your office move at least one year in advance; however, that’s not always possible. In order to save money, and headaches, it is of utmost importance to establish a budget and book a moving company. A reputable moving company can help with many of the logistics! For example, they can work with your human resources team to create an employee relocation plan as well as provide you with an office moving plan customized to your needs.

A mid-month move can help lower your overall relocation expenses. How? There is less demand for movers and their costs can be lower at this time. Movers are always busiest at the beginning and end of the month as this is when most leases typically end.


2. Move mid-month

Also, make sure you’re not moving too close to a national holiday when workers are already scrambling to get all their usual tasks done in a shorter week. If you’re relying on your employees to help with some aspects of the move, keeping them in the loop is key. Paying attention to their needs will lessen the stress of the move for everyone.

3. Move during business hours

Not every building will allow you to move in during the day, but if you can, take advantage of it. Most of the time someone needs to be there to coordinate any last minute changes with the moving company and generally liaise with them. When that person is an employee, which is likely, it will be less disruptive to their schedule to move during normal business hours.

Moving during the week, Monday through Thursday instead of over the weekend, can help save you money. There is a greater demand for movers Fridays through Sundays, which can increase rates. Plus, there are more scheduling opportunities available for midweek moves.


4. Schedule for the off-season

September through May are much slower seasons for moving companies. You may be able to secure off-season prices and take advantage of their open calendars. This way you can schedule the perfect date for your company relocation.

Be sure to keep the weather in mind. In Oregon and Washington fall and winter days can be short so start early enough to have as much daylight as possible. Some further tips for winter moving include heating both your old and new location during the move.

5. Go with what works best for you

Always consider what works best for you and your business. Maybe your move needs to happen quickly due to lease obligations or the summer months are best due to schedules. Perhaps moving on a weekend helps keep business operations running smoothly during the week. Ultimately, you need to move when it makes the most sense for your company’s needs, which All Service can help you determine, with these tips in mind.