5 Things Not to Forget on Moving Day

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge. Your car is packed, the kids are accounted for, and your pets will be safely cared for during the journey to your new home. You drive just around the corner from your old neighborhood before the dread sets in: you’ve forgotten something. We all know the feeling. The sinking sensation something important is lost. If not lost, then packed away in an unlabeled box, one of a million boxes in the hands of your local moving company. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s wedding ring, or perhaps your bank is asking for a copy of that tax return you filed away when you packed all of your documents.


Whatever the case may be, there’s no need to make moving more stressful than it already is. By keeping careful track of these five things, you can minimize your moving pains and maximize your efficiency throughout the entire process.

1. Keep your documents with you. 

Once moving day arrives, the real work begins. No matter how organized and efficient you are, unpacking your things into a new home is a life-size jigsaw puzzle. Don’t make the mistake of packing your important documents away just to have them drift into the cardboard abyss. Social security cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other key life docs are among the most common items misplaced during a move. Replacing them is not easy!

Instead of putting them in a box to get packed into a truck, organize them in a folder or briefcase, and keep it with you until you arrive at your new home. They’ll stay accessible in case of emergencies, or in case the unpacking process is slower than you expect it to be.


2. Don’t forget to keep your toolbox out. 

Ever been ready to set up that new dining table only to realize your tools have yet to be unpacked – and you’re not sure what box they’re in? Don’t add to your stress by making yourself go on a treasure hunt for the things you need on moving day. Bring your essential tools, or a small toolkit in a separate box, in the car when you move. Make sure they’re accessible throughout the unpacking process. You’ll be surprised how often you use them, and you’ll be especially thankful if your new home needs an unexpected repair!

3. Pack other people’s things in one place. 

Moving is a constant reminder that stuff just accumulates. From grandma’s old handbag, that one shoe you couldn’t find for a year, and the ironing board you thought your sister had, the things you unearth in while you’re packing can be surprising. Try packing an “other people’s stuff” box with anything that doesn’t belong to you. Send back the items when it’s convenient or store the box until someone wants their item returned. Either way, it’ll help keep you sane and prevent other people’s things from becoming mixed up with yours.


4. Keep your high-use items in a “go bag.”

A well-stocked go bag is a mover’s dream. After a long, tiring day of moving, sometimes all you want to do is to brush your teeth and go to bed. This is easier if you have your toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletry items on hand. Other oft-forgotten items that should land in your go bag include a flashlight (in case someone forgets to turn on the electricity), some snacks (to stave off the “hangry”), and any prescriptions, chargers, etc. that you need and use on a regular basis. Also, check out our suggestions on the 5 items you should pack last before you make your move official!

5. Don’t forget the bathroom essentials.

The bathroom is one of the hardest areas to remember to double check when moving. Shower curtains, toilet paper, and plungers have a way of blending in with their surroundings until they become a part of the bathroom itself. That said, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in your new home without the essentials, or with the necessary items packed away in a box somewhere, yet to be delivered by the moving company. Especially if it’s late at night, a last-minute run to the convenience store might not be feasible, and finding a 24-hour shop is a pain. Avoid the stress and pack your bathroom essentials (shower curtain included) in an easily accessible location.

Bonus: Hire the pros for help!

The best solution to diminishing your moving stress? Hire the experts to do it for you. A full-service local moving company will handle the logistics of your move and all of your stuff. This allows you to focus on the important details, like what kind of pizza to order on your first night in your new home. Avoid the risks of DIY moving and rely on reputable moving company like All Service Moving in Portland and Seattle to do the heavy-lifting for you.

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