Moving a Business Takes a Specialist


In a perfect world, relocating your business should be cause to celebrate. Done well, large-scale transitions can benefit a company when it comes to space management and employee satisfaction. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Too often, organizing corporate relocations are major pain points for businesses large and small.

The choice to move your business shouldn’t hinge on whether you can get all of the work done yourself. Many businesses opt to hire corporate relocation specialists who are trained in each aspect of the relocation process, and understand potential challenges. Paired with a full-service local moving company, corporate relocation specialists can take charge of your business move without you having to sacrifice valuable time. Wondering how this all comes together? Here’s a closer look at how (and why) it works.

Experts + Experts = A Job Well Done 

Corporate relocation specialists (CRSs) help with the high-level coordination of challenges facing your business during a move. While this includes a broad range of tasks, CRSs tend to focus on things like personnel shifts, asset transitions, and supply chain management. For moves across states, these specialists can be especially helpful as they counsel and work with current employees to encourage a growth-positive outlook. Although they work behind the scenes, relocation specialists play a big role in companies retaining their talent during a transition period.

Commercial moving companies assist the CRSs and are brought in to do the heavy lifting required to make a corporate move happen. These trained professionals eliminate liability to your business by handling the logistics. This means you avoid potential issues associated with recruiting employees to assist during the move. The best way to guarantee your business relocation is done right is to hire an expert for each side of the job.

Customization is Key 

An added benefit of hiring relocation and moving specialists is the customization each expert brings to the table. Our Seattle and Portland moving teams offer specialized services that benefit your business for the long-term, including a variety of curated corporate relocation services.

In conjunction with a full-service moving company, relocation specialists take into account your personal needs, and work diligently to address real-time issues applicable to your business. Together with your relocation team, we create a customized moving plan that covers everything from moving industrial equipment to ensuring your essential office materials arrive on time and damage free.

Put the “Pro” in Productivity

Too often during a corporate move, one or two exceptional employees are burdened with the bulk of the logistical load, and companies sacrifice valuable productivity. Moving your business should not have to cause you significant downtime. Hiring a corporate relocation specialist as well as a local moving company provides the necessary time your team needs to get things done. We offer flexible scheduling and customized moving packages that allow you to dictate when the moving process begins, so you can spend less time packing boxes and more time with your team.

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