Beginner’s Guide to Sightseeing in Seattle


Tourist attractions in Seattle are so much more than just points of interest for the locals of Washington’s largest city. These are points of pride where everyone in the community, from lifelong residents to newcomers, can meet and enjoy what their home has to offer. All Service Moving, the premier movers in the Seattle area, have a love for sightseeing in Seattle, which stems from the nearly 20 years they have spent servicing the area’s current and incoming residents. We would love to help anyone looking to visit or call this place home to find the top sights in Seattle. 

What to Visit in Seattle for Nature Lovers?

If you are someone who enjoys the natural beauty of the world and wants to do some sightseeing in Seattle, you certainly won’t be left wanting! Washington is a beautiful state which offers natural beauty of all kinds. With Seattle’s points of interest being the state’s very best, you are going to love it here.

When looking for natural and other wonders, be sure to see these top attractions in Seattle, Washington, including:

  • The Seattle Aquarium in Downtown
  • Washington State Ferries Offer Amazing Views
  • Kerry Park Offers an Unbeatable View
  • Lake Union

These are just a handful of the nature-focused Seattle points of interest. And don’t forget to see some of the 100+ wineries in the Seattle Greater Area! This list is an amazing place to start, and if you are visiting for a few days, these are all must-see spots! If you plan on calling this place home, you are sure to stumble across your own favorite locations during your residency in the area known as Emerald City.

Man-Made Tourist Attractions Seattle Loves

Tourist attractions in Seattle, Washington, aren’t just relegated to what mother nature offers. The people of this amazing city are its heart, and they have proven it with some of the absolute marvels constructed over the years. Some of the top sightseeing in Seattle is actually a direct result of the passion that the residents have shown the city through construction and public works.

Our suggestions for your first stops during your tour of our amazing city include:

  • The World-Famous Space Needle
  • The Museum of Pop Culture 
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Pike Place Market
  • The Smith Tower
  • Seattle’s Great Wheel
  • Museum of Flight

Just the same as the natural wonders of the area, the man-made sightseeing in Seattle cannot be done justice with a list such as this. For the true experience, you need only take a stroll around town and find your favorite locations to hang out.

All Service Moving Seattle Is Ready to Help!

If you are considering making these locations the backdrop to your everyday life by moving to Seattle permanently, be sure to contact All Service Movers. Our years of experience have helped make us the top movers in the area, and we would be proud to help make your next relocation a success. Book your move today or read some of our other articles to learn more about all things related to the areas we service, relocations, and our other services.