Best LA Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

An overhead shot of Los Angeles' DowntownLos Angeles is a city that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. This city is one of America’s melting pots, and every year thousands of people flock here in search of new opportunities and adventures. Knowing what the best LA neighborhoods are for young professionals is a great way to ensure that younger people moving to the city find a neighborhood that fits their needs and circumstances. All Service Moving, the premier relocation company on the West Coast, has nearly 20 years of experience providing moving services to the community and would love to be of help! This guide will present the best place to live in LA for young adults as either singles or young couples looking to start the next chapter of their life.

Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for Singles

If you are just starting to branch off on your own as a native son of the City of Angels or are a hopeful soon-to-be LA young professional who is looking for the best areas to live in Los Angeles as a single person, then rest assured you won’t have limited options. This city is primed for people looking to have a good time and meet new friends. Some of the very best LA neighborhoods for young professionals who are coming as singles are:

  • West Hollywood
  • Venice 
  • Los Feliz
  • Silver Lake
  • Echo Lake

These are primed for two things – having fun and making new opportunities. The sheer number of companies that are geared toward younger professionals in this neighborhood and the number of activities and venues to meet new friends makes these some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for young adults who haven’t paired up or started a family yet.

Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for Young Couples

If you are looking for the best places to live in LA for young people who either form a couple or have already started the process of looking to make a family, then be sure to consider the best LA neighborhoods for young professionals that offer a greater emphasis on schooling and safety. Be sure to consider any of the following locations as your next home when moving here under these circumstances:

  • Santa Clarita
  • Sierra Madre
  • LA Puente
  • Redondo Beach
  • San Marino 

These areas are more relaxed than the ones listed above, offering a bit more distance from the city in return for a safer environment and more comfortable housing situations. There truly is no one best place to live in LA for young professionals, so be sure to consider your options and circumstances before making your final decision.

The All Service Moving Los Angeles Movers Are Ready to Help

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