Best Neighborhoods for Families in Portland

What are the Best Neighborhoods for Families in Portland?

While Portland is certainly known for great neighborhoods for young professionals, there are also many great options for budding families that want their children to grow up here and to ensure their children’s safety. There are many ingredients that go into a good neighborhood for families in Portland. These include great schools, open spaces, and safety, among other things. As experienced Portland, Oregon movers, All Service Moving can assist you with everything that you would need to know about choosing the best neighborhoods for families in Portland. What is the best neighborhood in Portland, Oregon? Continue reading below to learn more from our experienced professionals. 

Best Family Neighborhoods in Portland

Moving to a new city with a family is especially challenging, and no one understands this more than our Portland, Oregon, local movers. We have gone through the effort of narrowing down some choices for you so that when moving day comes, you can rest easy knowing that you are headed to a family-friendly neighborhood.

One of our favorite neighborhoods is Nob Hill. Nob Hill is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, which means that it boasts beautiful homes and outdoor activities. Perhaps one of the best facets of Nob Hill is the fact that it is an extremely walkable and bikeable neighborhood. Residents are commonly seen biking to restaurants, coffee shops, and movie theaters. This also means that there are many things to do for families, with the added benefit of quality time that comes with taking walks or exercising together. Some of the schools in this area include Lincoln High School, Chapman Elementary School, and Metropolitan Learning Center, among others.

For those that are looking for a location that is closer to downtown, the Pearl District is a great option. In the Pearl District, families can enjoy a more urban lifestyle without sacrificing some of the best parts of suburban living. There are many community events and restaurants that are great locations for families to share memories together. Some of the most popular schools include Lincoln High School and Da Vinci Middle School, which are great schools. 

Best Neighborhoods in Portland to Live

There are many other neighborhoods that Portland residents can choose to live in. One of the most popular ones is Alameda. Alameda is located close to a mountain range, which means that there are many opportunities for families to enjoy some of the best views that Portland has to offer. Aside from spectacular views, Alameda is home to many restaurants, and the neighborhood is typically upper-middle class, which means that most of the homes are large and beautiful. Some of the schools in the area include Alameda Elementary, Beaumont Middle School, and Grant High School. 

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