How to Move a Safe Like a Pro 

It is not uncommon for people to own safes in their homes because they ensure the security of sensitive documents and items like birth certificates, passports, social security cards, and even firearms. When the time comes to move these heavy and awkwardly shaped items, many people would like to know the best way to move them so that they do not hurt themselves or damage any of their other items during transit. While we recommend that you count on assistance from our California movers, Arizona movers, Oregon movers, or Washington movers, we are here to detail the best ways that you can begin learning how to move a gun safe or any other safe. Continue reading below to learn more from our experts. 

How to Move a Large Safe

The first thing that people need to realize when they are learning how to move a safe is that they are extremely large and heavy. This means that they will require special tools and equipment to securely move the safe. However, the first step to moving a safe is to empty the contents of the safe. This means that all jewelry, documents, and firearms should be put in different boxes and containers. Aside from keeping you organized, this also lowers the weight of the safe, which will make it easier to move come moving day. After doing this, make sure to wrap the safe in furniture blankets and wrap it in packing tape so that the blankets stay in place. 

As mentioned above, there are many tools that you should consider using when the time comes to move a safe. Our movers recommend that you use a dolly to move the safe because it will provide the most comfortable way of doing so. The wheels and leverage that dollies give movers make moving even the heaviest safe easier. 

After securing the safe on the dolly, you should make sure to clear the path to the doorway of any debris and obstacles. It is best to do this before actually setting the plan in motion, as this could get quite annoying when you and your helpers are beginning to move the safe out of the home. 

How to Move a Safe on Carpet

Moving a safe on a carpet could damage the carpet, but this could be avoided by putting padding over the floor. Perhaps the most secure padding to lay on the floor is cardboard and other forms of plastic. This should also be laid out in a fashion that guides the dolly to the door with as little friction as possible. 

If you are interested in learning how to move a safe upstairs, we recommend that you recruit the help of our experienced moving professionals, as this could be quite dangerous. 

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