Can Employees Help Prep for an Office Move?


Relocating your office can be an extremely stressful process for both business owners and employees, but it doesn’t have to be! With proper planning and delegation of tasks, your office move can be less disruptive. As a business owner, you may be wondering, Can my employees help prepare for our move? While employees can certainly assist with some items on your moving to-do list, it’s crucial that you know what the limits are and outsource the appropriate help.

Keep Employees in the Loop

An office move will impact the lives of your employees, so it’s important to keep everyone in the loop. A candid conversation can make all the difference when it comes to motivating and inspiring the team. Notify your employees of your office relocation as soon as possible. A notice period of two to six months is reasonable. While some details won’t be immediately available, it’s critical you inform each team member of the moving timeline and new address, as well as provide information about building access, public transportation, and parking.


Get the Team Involved in Your Move

In addition to notifying all employees of the basic details of your office move, get people involved in the process. Recruit a designated team to help manage the move. This may include an office or IT manager and other administrative staff. While we advise against asking employees to physically transport anything in your office, you can get them involved in the planning stage.

They can help with organizing and coordinating vendors as well as contribute ideas regarding the layout of your next office. If you’re looking to upgrade your space, you may want someone in charge of purchasing new IT equipment, furniture, office supplies, or kitchen items.

These employees should have weekly check-in meetings to go over the relocation timeline as well as any roadblocks or updates to the schedule. Regular meetings will prevent confusion and frustration among all employees at your company and keep the process streamlined.

Leave Moving to the Pros

You’ll probably want to ask your employees to pack up their personal desk items. Give each person a small box to pack their things in and have them transport these items to the new location. Although employees can take care of their personal belongings, a corporate move should ultimately be left to the pros.

If you own a business in the Northwest, research Portland and Seattle moving companies to get started with the relocation process. The best corporate moving companies will handle the logistics of your office relocation and help you avoid liabilities associated with recruiting employees to move your office. Also, be sure to select a full-service moving company that’s licensed and insured.


How All Service Moving Can Assist with Your Office Move

As one of the top office moving companies in Portland and Seattle, All Service Moving offers complete corporate relocation services, including packing and unpacking, FF&E, shipping, and storage assistance. We can assist with local or long-distance office moves and will work closely with your internal moving team to ensure the least amount of interruptions to your business operations. Our professional corporate moving crews have the training and experience to get the job done for any office move in the Pacific Northwest. Request a quote online to get started with your corporate move.