Commercial Move? Consider Your IT Equipment


Are you planning to relocate your business and wondering how to move your IT equipment? With the right planning and assistance, it is absolutely possible to  get everything re-situated and up and running with minimal downtime. Moving your commercial IT equipment should not cause any stored data to be lost or significantly impact productivity. View our infographic below for details on the 5 costs of IT downtime.

What You Should Keep in Mind Before Moving IT Equipment?

Moving into a new space is an exciting time for many companies. However, corporate relocation can be quite stressful not only for business owners, but for employees as well. Because of this, almost 80% of companies will delay moving and continue to operate out of small and inefficient offices longer than necessary. A successful move will entail overseeing every detail of the relocation and ensuring each step goes as seamlessly as possible.

More than likely, your IT equipment holds more value than any other items owned by your business. Also, computer hardware is difficult  to take apart, transport, and reinstall. Damages to your commercial IT equipment during a move can be expensive and cause setbacks to your business operations. In turn, this can have a significant impact on productivity and profits.

Tips for Moving IT Equipment

IT relocation must be a primary consideration and priority for your upcoming commercial move. The following tech moving tips will help you plan a successful relocation.

1. Prioritize moving your IT equipment.

In order to minimize downtime, tech equipment should be completely operational and ready to use when your employees arrive at the new location. Because this process can be logistically complicated, your IT specialist or an experienced technician should oversee moving this department. It’s important to know that tech equipment moving is a specialized service that many moving companies do not provide. So, be sure to plan ahead!

2. Assess your current IT equipment.

Before you move, review your current stock of IT equipment and decide which items will be relocated, which will be sold, recycled, or given away, and whether you need to purchase new hardware. Many companies update the IT equipment in their office when they relocate. If this is the case, order the new tech equipment as soon as possible and have a plan for disposing of old items.

3. Combine IT, design, and engineering.

Visit your new corporate space to review the IT requirements before your move. Draw up plans for the office configuration and determine where computers, printers, copiers, phones, servers, internet routers, and other tech equipment will be located. In fact, there are some easy-to-use furniture arranging apps and kits that can help with this!

4. Back up data in advance.

Before your corporate move, all data systems should be backed up by your IT specialist. Data should be stored safely off-site or on cloud storage. If you use cloud storage, allow at least a month before accessing the stored data.

5. Secure professional disconnection & reconnection of services.

Your employees should not be tasked with disconnecting and reconnecting their computers. In fact, they should not be required to pack any IT hardware either. Damage is much less likely to occur when IT equipment is moved by skilled technicians.

6. Plan for telephone and internet connections.

Allow plenty of time to ensure your phone systems and internet connections are set up and working from the first day of operations in your new corporate space. Whether you plan to work with a new service provider or stay with your existing provider, make sure you don’t lose any connectivity during your business relocation. For a successful move, be prepared to identify, diagnose, and fix problems before your moving day.

We hope these tips help you better manage your business move! With a some planning, your company can save time, money, and decrease chances of operational setbacks.


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