How to Arrange Furniture in Your New Space


Measure Once & Move in Easily

When moving into a new house or office you don’t want to be surprised if your furniture doesn’t fit the space. Measuring rooms, and your furniture, before you move in should be a top priority, so you can avoid unwanted surprises and ease comfortably into your new environment.

Pre-move measuring can also save you a step when unpacking. Since you know what fits, you can also determine where the furniture should go. Giving a little thought to the best furniture arrangement will allow you to enjoy your space from the start, and save you having to rearrange it later on, which can be a real headache!

These best practices will make moving into your new accommodations a cinch:


Home furniture arrangement

Before arranging the furniture in your new space, consider the function of the room. If you plan on entertaining a lot, creating comfortable seating areas for guests will be important. If the room is sunny in the afternoon and you like to read, you might want to take advantage of the light by placing plants, reading chairs, or chaise lounge by the window.

By taking your needs and lifestyle into consideration, you can come up with an arrangement that is optimal, rather than one that just works for ‘now.’


Office furniture arrangement

Arranging office furniture is also best done in accordance with the use of the space. If your employees collaborate often, cubicles can get in the way. Keep the space open by adding tables instead, just be sure to leave enough room for people to comfortably navigate the area. Businesses are always growing, so also be sure to leave enough space to accommodate any new staff.

One of the best tips for both home and office furniture arranging, is to use painters tape and outline the actual shape and size of the furniture. This way, you can easily correct any errors before physically moving the furniture.

Furniture arranging kits

If you don’t want to use painters tape, a furniture arranging kit can make your life easier! These kits help with planning the placement of bulky items and allow you to envision how your furniture arrangement will look your new space.

Our 3 favorite furniture arranging kits:

1. Room Planning/Furniture Arranging Kit

This is a hands-on, material way of arranging furniture, and it’s the kit of choice for many interior designers and architects. It features a magnetic board with 120 magnetic furniture pieces at ¼ inch scale. This makes it easy to try as many arrangements as you want, until you get it right.

2.  Magicplan App

If you prefer to use your phone, this award-winning app not only allows you to create professional and accurate floor plans, but also arrange your furniture. You take a photo of your space, set up the dimensions, then “move” furniture around  using the touch screen You have the option of viewing the finished floor plan in 3D and downloading it as a PDF.

3. PlanYourRoom.com

This is an online room planner you can use on your laptop. It’s like the magnetic board, but a digitized version. After adjusting the size of the square to match your actual measurements, you can drag and drop various pieces of furniture into the space. You can also rotate the pieces and customize the width and length by clicking on the furniture.

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