Is a Merry Holiday Move Possible?


Moving into a new home is a substantial undertaking, no matter the season. Planning a move when you expect to slow down and celebrate may feel additionally daunting.

Is a merry holiday move possible? Yes! Our Portland and Seattle moving companies offer the following tips to make your local or long-distance move during the celebration season a little more joyful.

6 Tips to a Happier Holiday Move from Our Full-Service Moving Company


1) Always book your moving company in advance.

Find, vet, and schedule your movers as early as possible to ensure booking a reputable moving company that can work within your schedule, regardless of the season.

There are numerous perks to booking in advance, as well as moving during the winter season.

  • Your desired dates and times are more likely to be available.
  • Your belongings will be safer: sensitive equipment like electronics, which can be susceptible to overheating are not as vulnerable.
  • Storage space is usually more available.

Our local and long-distance moving teams in Portland and Seattle are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today, we look forward to assisting you!

2) Make use of your time off.

One silver lining to a holiday move is that winter vacation can provide you with more flexibility and free time. Kids are usually off from school, and many businesses slow down. With extra time off, you will have more time to pack and unpack.

Friends and family are often also more available to help during the holiday season, as they may have time off as well. Combining a get-together to say goodbye and making use of helping hands is a great way to enjoy the company of loved ones, while also prepping for your move.

Not everyone has downtime during the holidays. If you’re short on free time, check out these tips for balancing work while you move.

3) Donate to charity organizations before you move.

The holidays are a great time to give back to your community. Preparing for your move into a new home is an excellent time to sort through your belongings to downsize and donate items you no longer need or use.

You can feel good about helping others, and save money by not paying to move extra possessions. Many charitable organizations will pick up your unwanted belongings for free, in addition to providing you with a tax-credit. Here are some of our favorite charitable organizations:

  • Move For Hunger can help clear your pantry of unexpired non-perishable goods while helping to feed those less fortunate. Pick-up and delivery to a partnered donation center is included free of charge on your move-date with All Service Moving’s relocation services.
  • Donationtown.org is a great one-stop resource to finding pick-up services and connecting you to organizations that accept everything from clothing to furniture.
  • Your local Salvation Army may also offer free pickups, and is a great way to support community assistance.
  • Many Goodwill donation centers also offer pickup for large donations.

Even if your charity of choice does not offer a pickup service, you can always build an extra stop into your move for donations. Our Portland and Seattle move coordinators are here to help.

  • Label donations clearly so your movers know to pack these items last (or first) depending on when they are being dropped off.

4) Share your new address with a holiday card.

If you usually send out an annual holiday card, why not take the opportunity to share your new address? Your announcement will allow you to keep up with tradition and update your loved ones all at once.

5) Don’t miss out on enjoying the spirit of the holiday season.


If you love decking the halls and don’t want to skip it this year, ensure your decorations and seasonal items are easily accessible after your move.

  • Place decor in separate boxes along with any special holiday apparel, bakeware, or other seasonal items.
  • If your holiday items are already in boxes or storage containers, make sure everything is clearly labeled before your move day.
  • Be sure to let your movers know to place these in a main living space as opposed to storage area such as a basement, attic, or garage. This will save you time and effort when you unpack your holiday spirit.

A holiday dinner doesn’t necessarily have to be at home. A great way to celebrate your move and the season (without all the dishes) is a restaurant near your new home, or your already packed one.

Reservations are always your best-bet when dining during the holidays – even if just for a party of two. Open Table and Eater are both great resources for Portland or Seattle holiday dining.

6) Plan for Portland and Seattle winter weather.

If you live in the Northwest, you’re likely well aware of the unpredictable winter weather in Oregon and Washington. It’s important to plan for the possibility of rain, hail, snow, or sleet on your moving day.

Check the forecast a few days before your move, and plan accordingly for safety and accessibility. Consider steep driveways, outdoor stairs, or potentially slippery surfaces when preparing. Stock the De-Icer, and make sure to have salt on-hand if needed.

Let All Service Moving Help You Make a Merry Holiday Move

Hiring a full-service moving company to handle your relocation logistics can give you peace of mind and ensure your holiday move is smooth and stress-free.

As the Pacific Northwest’s largest independent mover, All Service Moving can assist with everything from packing and unpacking to secure storage options. Contact the pros at All Service Moving today to schedule your local or long-distance winter move.

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