What to Know About Commercial Mover Insurance


Whenever your office has a need for commercial movers you want to find a company that will treat your items with utmost care. You’ll want them to be fully licensed throughout Oregon and Washington provide you with quality customer assistance.

All Service Moving values licensure. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), “When the origin and destination of a move are within Oregon, moving company rates and services are regulated by the ODOT’s Motor Carrier Transportation Division.” All Service Moving stays in full compliance with any Oregon requirements for all moving services.

With over 60 years combined moving experience our management team has full confidence our moving professionals will handle your property carefully and efficiently. But, in the unlikely event of loss or damage to items, it is important to consider your insurance options.

All Service Moving is a fully licensed local moving company for any commercial moving needs. As such, we are bound by the Federal contractual tariff levels of liability authorized under Released Rates Orders of the Surface Transportation Board of the U.S. Department of Transportation to provide Replacement Cost Protection. Basic This is provided free of charge with all business moving services, but there are additional insurance options for higher value moves and items.

In the state of Washington the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) permit must comply with state safety, insurance, and service standards. Additionally, the moving company must perform their services at reasonable rates and within a reasonable time.

Released Value Coverage (or basic carrier liability)

This basic coverage is provided free of charge. Damaged items will be replaced at 60 cents per pound per article. For example, a 50lb TV would receive a $30 reimbursement.


Replacement Cost Protection

Provides coverage of $6 per pound for the actual weight of any lost or damaged article or the cost to repair, whichever is less. So that same 50lb TV would, instead of $30, get $300 or the cost of repair.


Full Coverage Insurance

Using a third-party insurer is the only way to obtain full-coverage insurance. This entails calling the company yourself in order to receive a quote and set up coverage. All Service Moving works directly with Baker International when you want to cover the actual value of specific items or your entire household. Your All Service Moving representative can put you in touch with our reference ID so you can get an accurate quote.

All Service Moving is ready to help you set up your new business throughout Oregon and Washington. Contact us today to plan your move and keep your employees happy and your office equipment safe and secure.