Frank Schott
Director of Morale

Frank - Director of Moral - color

Frank really was born into the moving business (sorry Jeff!), clambering up the steps of our headquarters minutes (ok, weeks) after arriving on earth with the sole purpose of bringing joy, licking, and the occasional stinky accident into our lives.

While Frank’s heavy lifting experience is somewhat scant, because at 25 pounds he simply can’t maneuver anything bigger than his water bowl – he shines in team building and guest reception.

In the seven years since he has joined the team, Frank has been an invaluable asset in training our staff. All Service Moving employees are honed experts in proper ear scratch technique, treat sharing, and running to find the leash when the wiggling signals “I need to go now!”

"There’s always room for a snack”

Q & A with Frank Schott

What do you consider your job description?
I make everyone’s life at All Service Moving better. Being small and fuzzy I feel I was born for the role.

What skills do you bring to the playing field?
From day one I’ve possessed a natural inclination towards cuddling, food, and sleep in large quantities. As part of the leadership suite, I leverage these strengths to bring my team-mates together through fun activities titled “who loves Frank more?”

What do you most enjoy about your job?
I don’t always like to walk around the office clockwise, sometimes I mix it up and navigate the warehouse in reverse as I search for food and scratches. I like the flexibility. That, and of course my co-workers and the food. (Did I mention food?)

What are your secret superpowers or skills?
I am a dog. I AM a super-power.

When not at All Service Moving we’ll find you:
Sleeping and cuddling with my parents or my new human sister (I’m still on the fence about her, though).

The one thing you can’t live without?
Rachael, our HR Director.

Personal motto?
If it smells good, it probably is good.