Kao Saelor
Finance Manager

Kao Saelor - Finance Manager

As All Service Moving’s Finance Manager, Kao is responsible for revenue tracking, expenditure oversight, and data analysis for optimal company resource utilization.

Since joining ASM in 2016, Kao has streamlined our payroll systems, implemented internal asset reviews, and utilized data-modeling to achieve an actionable growth strategy.

A marine corps veteran with dual degrees in finance and business administration, Kao leverages his superior analytical skills to drive ASM’s service capability expansion.

"Accurate analysis produces accurate results"

Q & A with Kao Saelor

What do you consider your job description?
I manage the finances of the company – so basically, I play with numbers all day. In addition to cost and overhead tracking, I utilize data to review long and short-term trends and goals, qualify resource appropriation, and advise on current and future policies. Statistical analysis is key to driving expansion in the best manner possible while upholding our five-star service standards.  

What skills do you bring to the playing field?
Details function as the base of my work. Building a big picture from data blocks and translating financial information for a broad audience is where I excel. I believe that self-motivation is critical, no matter what your position. I strive to be my best self every day. 

What do you most enjoy about your job?
Getting to know our hard-working moving teams is one of the most significant rewards of my position. They inspire me every day.  

What are your secret superpowers or skills?
I can ride a bike backward. I also visualize excel formulae in my head.

When not at All Service Moving we’ll find you:
Hiking with my dogs or spending time with my niece and nephew. 

The one thing you can’t live without?
Money. (I’m a finance manager.)

Personal motto?
The best investment you can make is in yourself.