Kit Kohler
Director of Sales

Kit Kohler - Director of Sales and Marketing

As the head of All Service Moving’s sales department, Kit oversees client outreach, new channel growth, and brand messaging.

Hailing from an extensive background in tech marketing leadership and B2B relationship development, Kit employs his superior knowhow to advance our sales hub within an ever-changing commerce field.

Under Kit’s direction, All Service Moving has evolved customer communication for increased service clarity, response time, and booking ease. Kit’s leadership and sales knowledge are an integral factor in our continuing goal to improve upon ASM’s personalized service execution.

"Flexibility and empathy are at the core of success"

Q & A with Kit Kohler

What do you consider your job description?
I help lead the sales and marketing efforts of the largest and fastest-growing independent relocation company in the Northwest.

Sales development and marketing outreach is an always variant landscape within any industry. I work to hone and expand ASM’s capabilities with an outlook towards empathy, delivery, and consistency for our clients.

What skills do you bring to the playing field?
Big-picture outlook and perspective. Through two decades of marketing experience, I’ve learned the driving denominator for sales is customer experience. No amount of sleek branding or hyperbole can mask sub-par results. At ASM, I focus on delivering excellence from within through motivation, promotion, and skills enhancement for our staff.

(I also tell great jokes.)

What do you most enjoy about your job?
It sounds cliché, but I really enjoy working alongside my team. Every day I am blown away by their work ethic, humor, and intelligence. Many companies lose sight of the human factor as they expand. I truly appreciate our core culture which maintains a connected approach and values input from everyone within our organization.

What are your secret superpowers or skills?
I can co-pilot parenting like a champ. My wife and I are raising four boys (enough said.)

When not at All Service Moving we’ll find you:
On the river or feeding our four growing sons (it’s a full-time job on its own.)

The one thing you can’t live without?
Two things. Oregon Ducks games and movie nights with my fantastic wife.

Personal motto?
Set your sights forward and embrace change.