Achieving work-life balance is tough enough, but adding a move into the mix runs the risk of cutting into both productivity and leisure in ways that are detrimental to your job and your health. Follow these tips to help keep your sanity in the face of a residential move as well as maximize your time at work.

Plan ahead

The most crucial aspect of a stress-free move is to start early and be organized. You’ve likely spent months looking for your new place so make sure you devote at least as much time to planning the move itself. A month out you can begin by making any travel arrangements, notifying postal and address-based services, as well as take inventory of your belongings, and, most importantly, booking any moving services you plan to utilize.

Tell your officemates & delegate when possible

While you don’t want to neglect any of your work duties, letting those around you know you might be dealing with some added work and stress at home will help them understand the importance of communication during the transition. This is a life experience nearly everyone has had so they might even pick up some of the slack, as most of us have been in the same position at one time or another.

Delegation is important in the workplace, but during a move it’s more important than ever. Your coworker might not mind attending a conference on your behalf, knowing you’ll take his or her place at the next one.

Alternately, you can delegate within the home to free up work time as well. Cleaning out an entire house or apartment can take days. Hiring a cleaning service might not be as expensive as you think and can free you up to spend time completing work tasks. Consider utilizing your moving company’s packing and unpacking services. Professionals work quickly and have the experience to ensure your fragile valuables remain intact throughout your move.

Self-care and separate to-do lists

It’s important not to lose yourself in this process! If you do, you won’t be of much use at home or in the office. Making sure you continue to eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep can actually increase your productivity, even when you think you are taking time away from essential tasks. If this sounds daunting in itself here are some expert tips on how to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

It can be easy to get distracted by your move while at work. Keep one to-do list for work and a separate list for the move to keep things organized. It can be helpful to have them in a place that’s always accessible, such as on your phone or in the cloud. If written lists are your preference, be sure to keep a notepad close at hand.

Guard your time and establish boundaries

It might be tempting to take a long lunch to look at listings or try to pack one more box before work, but it may not be the best use of time if you end up running late. If you really need time for a massive search, or the moving day itself, just take a half or whole day off. It will decrease the stress of having juggle everything at the same time.

Make sure you’re also setting appropriate boundaries with your job. This is always crucial but is especially so when planning a move. It’s great that many jobs now offer flexible work schedules or the ability to work from home, but make sure that these “perks” aren’t cutting into the time you’ve so diligently set aside to focus on your move. When you and your employer are clear on what you expect of one another, you’re far less likely to fall into a pattern of working around the clock.

Putting in a little work ahead of time can save a lot come moving day. All Service Moving can lighten your load!  Contact us to find out how we can assist you with local moves within Oregon and Washington or throughout the country.