5 To-Do’s Before You Move Into a New Home

You’ve booked the movers and started to pack up your belongings, but have you thought about what may need to be done at your new house? From cleaning, to putting up curtains, to changing the locks, with these five essential tips, we have you covered.

Feel at Home Sooner With These 5 Steps

1. Do a thorough clean

Hopefully the last owners will have done a cursory clean before they vacated your new place, but don’t count on it. Before you move in, hire a professional local cleaner to freshen up the space – from floor to ceiling. You’ll be glad you did!

Another pre-move best practice? Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, steam clean the carpets. This task is not only easier when there isn’t furniture in the way, it’s also more effective. Save your energy for unpacking – not cleaning!

2. Tighten up security

Security should be a top concern, as previous owners may have had keys cut for relatives, friends, or tradesmen. You want to sleep easy knowing who has access to your exterior doors. If you haven’t addressed home access and lock changes with your realtor or the home’s former owner, be sure to take the necessary steps to ensure safety.

You have the option of either changing the locks (if you don’t think the current locks are reliable) or a more affordable option is to get the lock rekeyed. Simply book the services of a trustworthy local locksmith to do the job and enjoy peace of mind in your new house.

3. Install new switch plates

This isn’t as important as changing or rekeying the locks, but it’s something you may want to do before you move in and furniture gets placed. If you’re moving into an older house, swapping out dirty or discolored switch plates for new ones can instantly make a home feel newer and cleaner.

This is an easy DIY job, requiring only a screwdriver, and making sure the electricity is turned off. If you’re at all unsure then call up a local electrician to do the job for you. They can also check for any wiring issues you may have.

4. Clean and service heating/cooling systems

If you’re moving in extreme temperatures, then you’ll want to know the heating or cooling system is in top condition before moving in. Unpacking with a broken air conditioner in 100°F heat won’t be fun, nor will it be in the freezing cold if the heater’s on the fritz.

As soon as you close on your new home, schedule a technician to clean and service any heating or cooling systems.

5. Install new curtains/window treatments

Depending on the state you are moving to, the former homeowners may have left their window treatments behind. For example, in Oregon previous homeowners are required to leave window treatments in the house unless specifically excluded from the sale. If they’re right for you, then consider giving them a good cleaning before you move in. If they don’t suit your needs or style, you’ll want to install window treatments, such as curtains or blinds, for privacy, warmth, and shade.

Take these 5 steps before you move and you’ll be sure to feel quickly at home in your new house. Later on, as you settle in, you can personalize your home further by painting walls, adding storage, and completing any other renovations or interior decorating you feel will improve the space.

Want to make your move even less stressful? Check out out how to plan ahead for an easy move. Remember, the team at All Service Moving is on hand to help with your residential move. Contact us today!